The threshold for duty-free import of goods from abroad can again be changed

    Due to the fact that the dollar and euro exchange rates have grown significantly over the past few months, a discussion has again started in the government and relevant authorities regarding toughening the import standards for goods purchased in foreign online stores for personal use. Earlier, the threshold of duty-free import for such goods was 1 thousand euros, devaluation, in fact, allowed to reduce the threshold of duty-free import to 200 euros, Kommersant writes . At the same time, the channel for importing “gray” goods from abroad with the growth of the euro to 80 rubles was also closed, due to a very strong decrease in the purchasing power of the population.

    This was recognized by the Ministry of Economy, agreed with this by the Ministry of Finance, believing that it is not worth changing the established standards. But the Federal Customs Service thinks differently. “If earlier in terms of the euro it was possible to import goods worth 40 thousand rubles. from online stores, now now at 75 thousand rubles. This is, in fact, a commercial party that is imported without a duty, ”says Tatyana Golendeeva, deputy head of the Federal Customs Service (FCS).

    According to Golendeeva, despite the fact that the Russian government has the right to lower the rate of duty-free import of goods, the corresponding decision will be made on a scale of the entire Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). The reason is the desire to avoid imbalance. “We must coordinate this norm with the countries that are members of the Customs Union. Perhaps the idea will be discussed again within the framework of the EAEU Customs Code, which is undergoing interstate coordination, ”added Tatyana Golendeeva.

    It is interesting that now in the EAEU countries there is no single duty-free import rate, in all countries of the Union the rate is different. For example, in Armenia the rate is about 400 euros, and in Belarus - 200 euros. In Kazakhstan, the rate is 1000 euros, and this country rejects the idea of ​​reducing the quota. The general decision on the EAEU Customs Code regarding the threshold for duty-free import is expected to be made before the end of this year.

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