The 50 Best Mailing Designs (and How to Make It Yourself Cool) (Part 1)

    In the run-up to the MailCon Email Marketing conference , we want to talk about trends in the design of letters and mailings. We bring to your attention a translation of the article on the best email designs , which, due to the large volume, we have divided into 5 parts (10 cases each) and publish it with an interval of 2 days. It seems that we have something to discuss by comparing the observations and advice of foreign experts with our own experience in creating mailings. The first 10 cases are mainly devoted to the role of color in creating letters. We are waiting for your comments!

    Expectedthat by the end of next year, the number of registered worldwide e-mail mailboxes will exceed 4.3 billion. Whether we like it or not, we live in a world where people prefer to use email. It is fast, convenient, and most importantly - effective.
    As McKinsey & Company found out , to attract new customers, emails are 40 times more effective than facebook or twitter - and this is just one of the curious facts about the success of email marketing.
    If your company or startup wants to capitalize on this success, then good writing design becomes critical. With so much competition for the user's attention, an outstanding design should immediately attract attention in order to avoid the risk that it will be sent to the basket without reading.
    Attract your customers, create newsletters to reach a mass audience. This is how professionals do it - and we hope this article inspires you with your own outstanding letter designs!

    01. Experiment with color

    The rejection of color in the photo and color tinting in this example from The Stylish City ("Stylish City") are amazing and impressive. subdued colors and a combination of pink and black create a modern and sophisticated design. The layout looks attractive and unique, similar to both the newsletter and the fashion magazine, however, as before, the focus is on the text located in the center and also above the image.

    02. Use color to attract attention

    In this example from IS Design + Digital, neon color very quickly attracts the attention of the reader and it is very difficult to resist and not read the headline. The rectangular stroke around the font enhances this effect so much that the name of the festival is likely to be remembered even by the most disinterested readers. Strong images, eye-catching calls to action and sharp contrast are all effective elements in this design.

    03. Have fun with the animation

    In this example, Mika Osborn used a fun and creative GIF-animation, which was designed to convey one simple thought (“Let's pin” - “let's do a pin”, from the name of the social network “interest”) - in a unique, surprising and memorable way. The call is well understood by users, it inspires them to subscribe to the brand’s blog on the social network Pinterest to see new wonderful pictures like this one. The neutral background color and central location completely focus on the GIF, and the information around is placed just so that the reader performs the necessary action.

    04. Keep it simple

    Apple's mailing list design involves a lot of free space and a clear focus on the product. The product is highlighted in bright colors to increase interest, and the information is carefully placed and perfectly aligned, and has a vertical organization for quick and easy perception. Using different font sizes and different shades of gray allows the reader to understand what is important and what is not. This design hits the mark with minimal elements and simple structure.

    05. Make the letter shine

    In this project, Artur focuses on perfectly selected photographs and, as calculated, they make you look at them again. After them, the text typed in white attracts attention, and everything else is left in the shade. Dark gray complements the colors of each image, giving the letter a cool and modern look.

    06. Use a vibrant color scheme.

    The palette of bright intense shades and the unique concept of Engage writing immediately attract attention. Bright yellow paired with a patterned texture and black and white graphics forms a simple but fresh color scheme, which undoubtedly stands out from the crowd.

    07. Use bright colors

    You can’t get past the Studio Newwork case showing the creative work of agency employees. Bright background captures the attention and effectively frames the image. This use of color allows the image to "shoot" and directs the look to the important, and abstract elements and creative layout of the text help add movement to the layout. This design combines minimalism with vibrant color, and it's great.

    08. Become recognizable

    Burberry's letter is an ingenious solution to demonstrate their iconic trench coat and at the same time increase brand awareness. The design is remembered thanks to the use of sepia (yellow-brown shades) and photographs of the iconic coat from different angles. An excellent selection of font styles, consistently implemented throughout the layout, allows the reader to easily perceive the proposed visual-figurative story. Simple, efficient and recognizable design.

    09. Less is actually more.

    Chanel's austere and beautiful letter design makes the best use of the idea of ​​simplicity. Only one image representing the brand, one title, one description and one call-to-action button, everything is centered, none of the elements overlap the rest. all centrally focused and aligned, no one element overpowers the other. Despite minimalism, using the ribbon as a brand image allows you to make the letter playful and attractive.

    10. Increase contrast

    This Churchmedia example demonstrates an interesting way to create a pre-event newsletter. Various fonts, harmoniously opposed to each other, the usual and bold style, fonts with serifs and without - as if jumping from the page, creating a visual hierarchy in the layout. A contrasting, but well-combined color palette gives the whole letter a modern look, with an energetic and positive attitude.

    We’ll publish another 10 cases on our blog the day after tomorrow, and if you want to personally discuss email design trends and other issues of email marketing, we are waiting for you at the Mailcon conference , and find other examples of email design, including domestic and not foreign ones You can always in the collection of mailings .

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