The most innovative countries in the world according to Business Insider

    Photo: Reutesr / Lukas Barth The

    famous Business Insider published a ranking of the most innovative countries in the world - there are 12 countries in this ranking. When compiling a rating, journalists of the publication use the data of the World Economic Forum, namely information regarding the financing of various research institutes and the protection of intellectual property. Switzerland took first place in this ranking thanks to the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) established in Geneva. In addition, this country won first place in terms of innovation potential, as well as the quality of research organizations, plus the investment of commercial organizations in research.

    Finland took second place, where, according to the authors, one of the most advanced education systems in the world. Israel took the third position, where a large number of scientists and entrepreneurs work.

    As for the United States, this country took only fourth place, but the United States also received second place in terms of innovation in universities and industry. Japan got the fifth place, because the level of education at universities is not too high, but the maximum number of patents per each inhabitant of the country.

    Germany ranked sixth, Sweden seventh, Netherlands the eighth, Singapore the ninth, Denmark the tenth, Taiwan the eleventh, and Britain the twelfth.

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