Apple and Google for the third time become leaders in the ranking of the 100 best global brands

    For the third consecutive year, Apple and Google topped the ranking of the hundred best global brands (Best Global Brands). This year, Apple came first and Google came second. The rating was prepared by the branding agency Interbrand. The criterion for the success of brands is their estimated value. When calculating the assessment, the agency relied on the financial results of companies, the ability to influence consumer preferences and brand competitiveness.

    Agency experts valued Apple at $ 170 billion. This is 43% higher than last year. Google valued at $ 120 billion, which is 12% more than last year. In 2014, Apple was valued at $ 119 billion, and Google at $ 107 billion. Then the brands grew by 21% and 15%, respectively, compared with 2013.

    Source: of Interbrand

    Corp. Microsoft was in fourth place in the list with an estimate of $ 68 billion. Lower is IBM with a result of $ 65 billion. Samsung ranked seventh with a valuation of $ 45 billion. Amazon's online retailer is valued at $ 38 billion. As a result, he got the tenth place.

    Source: Interbrand

    For the first time, the Chinese brand Lenovo appeared on the list . True, he took the last, 100th place with an estimate of $ 4.1 billion. Facebook boasts the best growth momentum . Her score increased by 54%. With a result of 22 billion, the company is in 23rd place in the ranking. Company Nokia and Nintendo this year were not included in the rating. They could not hold their ground. Coca-Cola (third place), Toyota (sixth place), General Electric (eighth place) and McDonald's (ninth place)

    also got into the top ten . Branding agency Interbrand

    founded in 1974. The agency’s specialists began ranking the most successful brands in 2000. Then the leader in the rating was Coca-Cola.

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