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Social networks have gradually replaced a large number of different resources for many users, which is why they are considered the most visited resources in the world. There is no need to visit different sites when almost all large and medium-sized companies have their own communities in social networks.
The most popular network in Russia is Vkontakte, only after it goes Yandex. You involuntarily wonder, and what percentage of content falls into the index of search engines? And what percentage of links from social networks is taken into account by search engines? Links from which social networks does Yandex take into account?

Everything in order.

As an analysis method, the links in the panel for Yandex webmasters (large information portals, online stores) were analyzed. It was pushed that since these links are displayed here, it means Yandex somehow takes them into account. Among the links highlighted only popular social networks, such as:
Google Plus,

Favorite in Russia Vkontakte, in Yandex backlinks it is displayed by construction, which 302 redirects to the necessary page. From Vkontakte Yandex displays only the latest added materials. At a large information portal, to which thousands of links from social networks lead, Yandex takes into account only a little more than 300 links.
Comparing large sites with high traffic with smaller ones, I noticed that the time interval in which Yandex takes into account links varies, there is probably a certain limit on links from social networks.

Links from Facebook do not appear in the Yandex webmaster panel, however, when I started working with the table in Excel, I found the downloaded links from Facebook.
Again, a large information portal that actively maintains a Facebook page has several working links that Yandex took into account.

On Twitter, for Yandex, retweets from statuses are important, and it can also display some profiles. Of the 30 links, 20 are profiles, and only 8 are statuses. As an example, I decided to compare the data in the Yandex webmaster panel and in the exported table in Excel - again, the number of links is different (in the Excel table much less).

With Google Plus, the situation is similar to Twitter. Links are taken into account mainly from personal profiles and communities.

For what, in fact, my research was started - it is the search for the interaction of the Yandex search engine and links from YouTube. After analyzing the information, he noted that Yandex takes into account links from the description to the video, despite the fact that they are closed in nofollow. In addition, links from the page of the official channel of the site are taken into account.

Instagram does not like unnecessary links and you can insert a link only in your profile. Yandex takes such links into account and displays them in the webmaster’s panel and in the exported table.

Only one online store from the ones I analyzed had an account on the Odnoklassniki social network. But despite the efforts of the owner of the resource to develop on this site, not a single link from this social network was found. I cannot rely on a single case, so I will continue to observe.

And at the request of our marketer, I checked how Yandex relates to Pinterest. I was pleasantly surprised that although this social network is not among the popular ones (maybe so far), the search engine takes into account backlinks from it both those that are listed in the user’s profile and those that are placed with the pins.

To summarize, I note that all social networks, except Vkontakte, close links in nofollow, but Yandex displays them. There is a certain pattern (so far there is little data, because the experiment is still ongoing) on ​​the influence of links from social networks on the growth of site positions.

I definitely note that there is a benefit when promoting a site using links from Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Vkontakte, Instagram and YouTube. Unclear effectiveness of links from Facebook and Classmates.
The experiment continues. Hope the info was helpful.

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