Why is OneMarkt Product Ribbon an effective tool for selling online stores?

    Let's imagine a typical online store on the Internet or a social network. At its core, this is a showcase where the offered products of this store are presented. As the seller sells old goods, the seller replenishes the assortment and makes small promos, such as “We have a new delivery”, “Discounts on the old collection”, “Discount for new customers”, etc. Yes, you can also send an e-mail to all customers of the store and try to return them for another purchase. And with all this, the seller makes constant advertising in search engines and social networks. Often, all the goods sold cannot recoup the costs of advertising an online store.

    OneMarkt solves this problem by using the Product Feed on its website.

    Each new product added to the storefront of a store is immediately displayed in the Ribbon. Moreover, any buyer can not only go to the page of the goods he liked most, but also visit the individual website of the store, subscribe to his news, share on the social network and mark the product as “like”. Now let's think about how it can be useful for online shopping participants.

    Firstly, the feed and the news in it are open not only to subscribers of this store, but also to all customers who visit the site. Thus, the seller can focus not on advertising - users' wrap in his group in the social network, but directly on the sale of a product. In addition, in the feed, in addition to downloading a new product, you can upload news and photos of the old product, like a little reminder: “Hey, we have something else! We offer a discount! ”. Or you can send a text message with information about the promotion or discounts.

    In general, making 3-4 posts a day in the Ribbon about his new and old product, the seller will attract the attention of more potential buyers than if he would also do it only for his subscribers in the group. It is proved that if for some time the buyer sees information about the store, he will certainly go into it and make a purchase. In the stream, your store will always be in sight.

    There are also impulsive buyers who make a purchase within 10 minutes after they see a product they like. Scrolling through the Ribbon, he will be able to see your offer and make a purchase, even if he did not plan to purchase anything.

    Secondly, there are several buttons in your post in the Feed. These are “visit the site”, “I like”, “subscribe” and “share”. The first and last buttons allow you to attract customers to your own website and advertise products on the social network. “Subscribe” allows customers to maintain their own feed of interesting stores and follow up on new products, discounts and promotions. The “Like” button, in addition to the traditional understanding of approval of a product or record, will soon have an additional function that will allow sellers to work with customers as efficiently as possible. Stay with us and you will learn all the secrets of the OneMarkt service.

    OneMarkt helps significantly reduce the cost of maintaining and maintaining an online store: our sellers do not need to spend money on creating their own website, buying a domain and hosting, hiring employees to maintain the site and its promotion. We allow you to concentrate solely on the sale of goods and the popularization of the store itself.

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