The media got information about the plans of FC Otkrytie to buy Rocketbank for $ 4.5 million

    Otkritie FC Bank will buy Rocketbank online banking service for $ 4.5 million. In rubles, this amount is approximately 300 million. The deal should be closed in a few days. This was reported by a source close to FC Otkrytie, sources close to Rocketbank and Interkommerts Bank .

    Source: Viktor Lysenko

    According to the director general of Frank Research Group, Yuri Gribanov, the deal to buy Rocketbank is in the logic of acquisitions of FC Otkritie: “The deal is similar to the one with the Tochka service and says that Otkritie believes in technology and collects such services on the market ”

    “It was difficult for the project to take off at the processing of Interkommerts Bank, and Otkrytie has more resources, opportunities and political will to develop this service,” says Frank Research group CEO. Since it is difficult to raise funds now, one of the options is to sell the entire project to an institutional investor.

    “If“ Rocket ”finds a buyer among banks, it is obvious that a settlement bank will also change within the framework of the project,” said Gleb Klimentyev from Interkommerts Bank. For customers of the Rocketbank service, a possible change in the settlement bank will be “almost imperceptible,” he added.

    Negotiations on the sale Roketbanka banks were also "Orient Express" and "Tinkoff" Oleg Tinkoff, writesRBC. The owner of Tinkoff Bank noted that such a purchase for him is "not at all complimentary." He explained that Tinkoff Bank already has options similar to those offered by Rocketbank. “Therefore, buying a second such product with such a team, part of which will inevitably leave, made no sense,” he said.

    On September 9, Megamind wrote that Oleg Tinkov suggested that the founders of Rocketbank sell it for $ 1 million if the entrepreneur’s post about a possible purchase of this application collects 2 thousand likes. He also warned that on September 15 the amount he proposed would fall to 1 ruble. The co-founder of the service, Oleg Kozyrev, said at the time that he considered such an amount not serious.

    Oleg Tinkov has a special relationship with Rocketbank. One of the founders of Rocketbank stole Tinkov on the street and asked what he thinks about the new service. Tinkov replied that the application is beautiful, but there is no bank. Then a comment with a photograph of Tinkoff hit the net. The negative reaction of the entrepreneur was used for public relations of a competing company. Rocketbank competes with Tinkoff Bank in the field of online banking.

    The target audience of the application is young people aged 25–35 years. The bank was established by Oleg Kozyrev, Victor Lysenko, Alexei Kolesnikov and Mikhail Provision. The project of Rocketbank was initially developed with the money of the founders themselves, later they attracted funds from the Runa Capital fund and Life.Sreda fund. Runa Capital invested $ 2-3 million in the Rocketbank project in exchange for a 20-30% stake.

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