How to get increased effect for project promotion

    How to stimulate a team? To entertain and at the same time motivate employees without distracting them from work. We managed to strengthen the conversion and kill several birds with one stone.


    In mid-summer, the leaders of our project announced an intra-team competition, with several objectives:

    • to increase traffic to the site of our project ;
    • At the same time, determine which method of attracting traffic to the site is more effective in a short period of time;
    • Well, to “cheer up” workers in the midst of summer, when many have in their minds thoughts about outdoor recreation or the beach.

    The startup team was divided into three groups according to the nature of their activity:

    • SMM (2 people);
    • SEO (5 people);
    • PR (4 people).

    Each group and member individually created their own unique link with tags to track the number of clicks in Google Analytics.


    The battle between the departments was decided to be held from 07.07 to 03.08.

    In theory, everyone had to apply their traditional tools in the process of attracting traffic to the site, but a wide variety of techniques were used. Each team has its own specific tactic, everything that was only considered necessary was used: the

    imageSS men felt like a fish in water! Post daily on Polyglot communities on Facebook , Google+ , Twitter , Vkontakte , Pinterest , Tumbler, in the thematic communities participated in the comments, and also made their notes there, actively added to friends - everywhere, respectively, each substituted his own unique link. The flow of visitors to the site crawled up significantly;

    imageSeoshniki received a small budget for posting press releases through paid resources. Free of course involved too. Like other competitors, the SEO team actively used the opportunity to comment and leave their unique links on social networks. At the initial stage of the competition, paid advertising had not yet started, so the tools of the seoshniks were a bit limited, they were content with affordable;

    imagePR peoplelike the SS men didn’t have a budget, so it’s usual for them to post their articles on various topics for free, always mentioning our resource. But the editors on many sites do not allow linking to anything in the text of articles, which means they didn’t even have to talk about clicking on unique links. And here, of course, the guys actively used social networks - what is called “threw a cry” for friends and the right groups. For the dates of the competition, a scheduled e-mail newsletter fell to all officially provided addresses (which relates to the jurisdiction of the PR department), this also gave a certain number of transitions.

    It is worth saying that some of the participants could not do without tricks. Non-standard methods everyone tried to apply. For example, at the request of the SEO team, one of the PR-writers wrote a press release in English and substituted his link in the text. Of course, they did not notice this and sent a press release to the newsletter. It turned out that one department worked “mutually” on another - a certain number of transitions were distributed to “rivals”. What is called - to achieve the goal, all means are good. A clear situation of the presence of not only healthy rivalry between teams, but also the excitement in working on one common project.


    Now about the prize pool. Initially, it was decided that after summing up each loser will be thrown into the “bank” for UAH 100, and the winning team will receive the “bank”! Everyone liked this decision, the loss of such an amount is not significant, and an approximate calculation of the total “bank” drew perspectives in the form of a pleasant little bonus bonus and inspired each team to win.

    So, upon the fact of the internal team competition, we received the following:

    imageTraffic. During the period of our competition, in the active season for recreation, the number of visitors to the site has more than 2.5 times increased! The debriefing revealed the victory of the SMM team. The number of people they attracted to the site was greater than the total number of both opposing teams. True, such an effect is objective in a short period of time.

    imageThe mechanism for attracting visitors. In the absence of any significant budget and in a short time, the dissemination of information through social networks was most effective. If SMM is working correctly, then user coverage can be quite high.

    imagePositive emotions. We state the fact that both winners and losers got good impressions, as the first ones treated everyone with cakes and juices. The competition turned out to be interesting for all participants in the project, encouraged and fanned working excitement in the “dead” summer season.

    As a result, everyone was happy with the competition and the overall results for our freelance platform. Everyone agreed that in the future it is worth repeating this. This really stimulates the team to work hard on the project and gives higher rates for attracting visitors to the site. Ultimately, the main result is a higher popularity and recognition of the project you are working on.

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