Christopher Pool sold 4chan to the mastermind of the resource

    Christopher Poole today announced the sale of the world's most famous image board, Nisimura Hiroyuki. Nishimura is the founder of the Japanese 2channel, which inspired Christopher to create 4chan. The transaction amount is not disclosed.

    From the moment of departure of Christopher from 4chan management it took eight months.

    Some 4chan users opposed the sale of the resource, in particular for the reason that there is evidence of the sale of these users to special services, which Nishimura Hiroyuki was accused of.

    Phrase from an interview with The New York Times :
    Hiroyuki, literally, is the only person in the world with the same, if not more, experience supporting anonymous, as I have, with experience managing a community that serves tens of millions of people. He is the great-grandfather of all this.

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