Mobile app installs up 346% in 2015


    In the second quarter of 2015, Kenshoo marketing company published its report on “Mobile Application Advertising Trends,” which contains key metrics for mobile applications.

    According to the report, mobile app installations grew by 346% compared to the second quarter of 2014. The cost-per-install (CPI) on iOS is still higher than on Android, but Kenshoo says the increase in the number of new apps and advertisers has narrowed the gap between the two platforms, especially since the first quarter of 2015. The report also reports an overall CPI drop of 12% annually, due to an increase in consumer applications such as transport and finance, which have lower CPIs than games and “other” types.


    According to the report, the gap in the click-through rate (CTR) for ads between iOS and Android also seriously narrowed in 2015, with a slight advantage for Android. Especially higher CTR of consumer applications than games and "other" categories of applications. When users click on ads in a mobile application, according to the report, a little less than one out of three people proceed to download.

    Chris Costello, director of marketing research at Kenshoo, comments on trends like this:

    Marketers plunged into the world of mobile applications with their heads, significantly increasing costs. The tremendous growth in the installation of applications is excellent, and as long as the trading algorithms are focused on conversion, they have a huge space for development. Growing competition is another side of this story: marketers have to improve their strategies all the time, optimizing campaigns, coming up with new KPIs and using new advertising inventory as soon as it appears.

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