“Run or forget”: How shortcomings hinder your development

Original author: Benedikt Deicke
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Our main principle of work is to provide customers with simple and understandable tools that even those who have not encountered the IT sphere will be able to work with. To implement this installation, we constantly optimize all systems and talk about what we managed to do in our blog on Habré. A couple of examples:

Today we decided to switch to an unusual topic - correction of defects. For this, we found expert profile material . / photo Robert Gourley CC The Benedict Deicke project started more than 10 years ago. While studying at the university, one simple letter to the webmaster of one of his favorite music groups allowed Benedict to get a job. The bottom line was to develop a CMS for a team site. This experience Benedict planned to scale and distribute custom versions of the similar CMS among his other clients. The problem was that such a task required a little more than just the experience of developing one instance of the software.

It required the ability to work with version control systems and understand the principles of object-oriented design. In order to begin to understand all this, Ruby and Ruby on Rails came up well, but he did not go beyond several attempts to reanimate his CMS for several years working on other projects.

With other developments, the situation developed in a similar way - it was very difficult to bring something to a complete state. Benedict decided to try himself as a freelancer and find some more time to work with the “musical” CMS.

In this he was helped by the approach of 37signals, who independently went their way to large business without attracting investment. It was decided to start selling even before the product is ready. So Benedict found the first client - a rock band that agreed to buy its development.

The progress of work on this project showed that everything is quite realizable in 4 months. The universal engine also continued to develop - Benedict modified it, taking into account the needs of potential customers. He says that at first he was hindered by shortcomings that seemed significant to him, but his clients were ready to start cooperation and correct the situation as things progress.

PS Materials about how we improve the work of our virtual infrastructure provider:

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