Samsung defeated in patent war with Apple

    American corporation Apple wins appeal in patent proceedings now the Samsung Electronics has . On Thursday, September 17, the federal district court of appeals in Washington issued a decision. Apple is now eligible for an injunction regarding certain features of Samsung devices.

    The decision of the court was not even affected by the fact that the South Korean company was supported by Google , HTC , LG Electronics and Rackspace Hosting . They believe that Apple’s victory will allow patent holders to “unfairly use their patent to gain a competitive advantage,” Bloomberg reports .

    In 2011, Apple accused Samsung of copying the manufacturing technology and design of the iPhone smartphone. Apple CEO Tim Cook backed the allegations with relevant patents.

    Among them there is an unlocking of the screen from movement by a finger on it - slide to unlock. In addition, the list of stolen technologies includes a patent for a data detection system, for example, the phone number in the address book when entering similar numbers, as well as automatic correction of spelling of words on smartphones.

    In 2012, Samsung was ordered to pay compensation in the amount of a billion dollars. After the company's first appeal, it was decided to reduce the compensation to $ 930 million.

    On May 18, 2015, an American court reviewed the decision on a dispute between Apple and Samsung in 2012. According to the court, such details of the appearance of the smartphone as a rectangular shape, rounded corners, a black border and a smooth transparent surface are not the subject of a patent dispute. Therefore, the amount of compensation that Samsung was supposed to pay decreased by $ 382 million.

    Apple in the court claimed that it was irreparably damaged by Samsung violations, having damaged the reputation as an innovator, having lost market share and noting a decrease in sales.

    Failure in court complements Samsung’s already sad situation. Profit continues to fall due to weak smartphone sales. In April-June 2015, Samsung's net profit amounted to about $ 5 billion, which is 8% less than a year earlier. The company's profit has been falling for five consecutive quarters. Operating profit on an annualized basis fell 4% to 5.9 billion, and sales - 7% to $ 41.6 billion.

    In April-June 2015, Samsung's share of the global smartphone market fell by more than 3 percentage points due to growing iPhone sales and strong competition from Chinese brands such as Xiaomi.

    The company has relied on the new Galaxy S6 smartphone. But this decision was erroneous: he could not stand the competition with the iPhone 6. True, the Galaxy S6 Edge model with a rounded display was in demand. However, the manufacturer did not release it in sufficient quantities and, despite a large percentage of sales, the share of the Galaxy S6 Edge in the total revenue was very modest.

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