How to write about products: What brands can tell readers


    The easiest way to engage the user in communication is to create useful and interesting content. We have collected examples of how Russian companies have good blogs, and have come up with 6 rules for branded content.

    On sites where brands buy ads, users go for content. Relap widget does half the job . We can show any landing as media content. That is, before the user clicks on the link, the advertisement looks no different from the editorial material. The average CTR of such an ad is 2.5%.

    According to a BuzzFeed study, people who saw five or more useful texts from Virgin Mobile were 3 times more likely to agree with the statement “Virgin Mobile is the operator I will choose for the next phone.” People who have not seen Virgin Mobile articles did not think so.

    If you make content, your chances of ROI are growing. If you do not do it - rather push off from the bottom and start.

    How to

    If you are a bank,

    “So Yourself Bank” will describe the services, prepare a press release, send it out to the media and pay for the placement in the hope that at least someone will be interested in the heading “Bank“ So Yourself Bank ”raises interest rates on deposits”.

    A good bank will make a blog and talk about how its services work in life. Tinkoff Credit Systems has launched its own online magazine .


    Instead of telling what a cool product the bank has, the blog takes pressing problems and suggests their solution.

    To advertise a mile card, Tinkoff Magazine first names the typical problems of such products., and then works in contrast. And he does not just describe the advantages of his decision, but prepares a detailed calculation: you spend 25,000 a month - you fly to St. Petersburg, you spend 90,000 - to Barcelona.

    To advertise a Tinkoff Black debit card, the magazine provides practical tips on how to use it. Bank experts do not pinch implicit chips, such as: the more you keep on the card, the less interest. This is credible. How to use the card to make it more useful - this is what the text is about.

    If you teach

    “So Myself Institute” will issue a banner on which he will write specialties, recruitment conditions, something about “unique techniques” and “modern approaches”.

    A good company that teaches others will prove its expertise. What is afraid of a person who is going to study? The fact that he will not be taught what he wants, that knowledge will be superficial, will be too difficult or too simple.

    The Netologia Online Learning Center maintains a blog sharing its expertise. (They trust you when they know that you are not a fool.) The authors are invited experts and teachers.

    To promote the workshop on email marketing, the teacher talks about common mistakes when sending emails . UX Design Blog Publishing Toolkit For UX Design Programfor beginners of the profession. For those who are too lazy to take a course in organizing delivery for an online store, there is a special guide, which is a synopsis of part of the course. Want some details? Pay for access.


    If you are a clothing designer,

    you can write nothing at all - show photos. SHLZ brand blog is more like a hipster instagram. And that’s OK.


    If you provide services

    The very fact that your business was born and has the means to buy advertising means that you are helping someone with something.

    The cleaning company Qlean has started a blog and tells how to organize space in the apartment or get rid of unnecessary things.


    If you sell travel

    Travel agencies and any travel business blog companies can talk about travel. About how to prepare for the trip, about the sights and routes. A good travel company blog is National Geographic Mini.

    Aviasales blog follows this strategy.


    What does all this mean

    Rules to help make good branded content:

    • Determine what benefits your product brings to a particular person at home and write about it.
    • Earn trust and authority, show your expertise.
    • Write articles on related product topics.
    • Engage third-party authors. They are not busy with your business every day and will not confuse the internal problems of the company with the problems of the buyer.
    • Write yourself, because you have experience and know your job. And this is an occasion to trust you.
    • Feel free to speak simply, joke and be sincere.

    Good luck)

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