Almost 2500 registrations per month. How it was

CallbackKILLER callback service we launched on August 3, 2015. In a month, we made 2500 registrations and reached operating profit. Read how we did this in the article.

I decided to write an article yesterday, opening wordstat and seeing how many are looking for our service. When I saw, it seemed to me very little, but these are the results for the month.

Comparing the indicators with other callback services, I realized that, in principle, more people started looking for us in a month than those who were more than six months on the market.

And of course the leaders of CallbackHunter, there’s nothing to talk about here - well done

But we don’t want to be left behind. If you look at the dynamics of CallbackHunter they had 110 requests in the first month

The decision to create a service

On June 25, in our group about VKontakte business, I voted on whether they needed a call back service for calls from any form on the site (this was originally planned as the main advantage and USP)

Voting clearly showed that our audience needed such a service. So, on June 25, 2015, the start of product development was laid. No name yet. Initially, the idea was to make a product that would call from all forms on the site. No sooner said than done, on this day the development of the service began.

The requirements were immediately set:

  • Service should be very simple;
  • Service should be described as much as possible. Each element should contain help in order to reduce the number of hits;
  • Service should be as automated as possible. That would be served by a minimum of people;
  • We make a service without external investments. Only the resources of three people. Me, Igor - the development guru and Diana - the sales master.

All these requirements stemmed from previous experience in developing and promoting services. Previously, I wanted to have a large team, which I achieved and there were times when 150 people worked in the company, now about 110.

But now I wanted to make the service as automated and as autonomous as possible. That would be served as few people as possible.

During development, it was decided that one call function from the forms would not be enough, and the group’s subscribers started asking if the button would be. It was decided to make a full callback service one of the functions of which will be a call from any form on the site.

We decided to chop cabbage from people for each lead as much as 50 rubles. But after the start they decided to revise it, but more on that later.


A month of development is sleepless nights, dozens of hours of discussions, a choice of technologies and painstaking work.

Since the service was decided to be made as automated as possible, it was decided to make the main sales through transactional letters.

Prior to that, I had experience working only with GetResponse and we perverted by doing transactional mailing through it. The necessary mails were thrown from campaign to campaign, and answering machines were sent to the campaign, which sent out letters.

It’s good that our account was blocked due to the fact that if you don’t send mail to the API when sending letters, then the letters go to the entire database. If this happened after the launch, it would be a huge disaster for us.

Then we found a mandrillapp and started sending letters through it.

In total, in our transactional newsletter, which sells on the machine about 50 variants of various letters for different scenarios. All letters come personally from one of the team members who is responsible for the service site, about which the letter is sent.

Letters with information about calls and reports come from our full-time postman - Vasya's robot


Somewhere on 26-27 we launched the service in testing. They set the lead cost to 50 rubles without limiting the talk time. We decided to sell through cold calls. Made the first installation, received the first payment. But for some reason there was no joy.

And there was no joy because we did not differ from anyone in the market and this killed. I wanted to rebuild from everyone and we began to look around ...


On Friday, July 31, having already worked for a week, we sat down and took up our heads. They brought a hookah into the office. From hookah smoke dizzy. The kettle did not have time to boil. Tea and coffee went, cup by cup, into our stomachs.

Of course, I wanted to earn fast. But we overpowered ourselves and decided. We will make a service in which there will be a minimum of costs, and first of all employees and we will set the lowest possible price.

We will abandon the model that is accepted on the market and turn it upside down. Leave the minutes without extra charge, and we will take payment for the service. And we will make two versions that differ in functionality. Free can be used as much as you like, paying only for minutes of conversation. Paid will give advanced functionality for only 750 rubles per month. The cost of a minute of conversation is 4 rubles.

Model Recycling

For technical processing, the models took 2 days Saturday and Sunday. The work began to boil. I had to rewrite a lot of code, a lot of letters, completely redo the landing page.


On Monday, August 3, 2015, we started. It was necessary to bring the first wave of users who would pull up the following for themselves, someone would become partners and begin to bring customers.

It was decided to attract the first users from the mailing list in my database. I held many webinars, distributed my free courses in exchange for mail, so the database was assembled. We uploaded this database to the Pechkin Mail service, many thanks to them and did the newsletter.

Registrations showered "like a bucket." I sat and pressed the F5 button every minute to update statistics. This is a fabulous feeling. I have seen many times how numbers grow when managers sell. But here the numbers grew in a system that developed itself.

First day

And so for the first day we made about 500 registrations. The main driver of growth was the recommendation system that we laid down from the very beginning and the high virality of the service.

We suggest making a repost to your VKontakte page in exchange for topping up a balance of 20 rubles.

Quite a lot of people use this function.

It is important that the repost texts are marked with hashtags, which allows you to choose some more traffic.

Affiliate Program Development

I saw great development potential in the affiliate program. Since we do not earn minutes of conversation, it was decided that we would pay the partner 200 rubles for active registration out of our own pockets and 32% of all payments for the service for life.

The uniqueness of our affiliate program is that when a client puts a widget on his site, he has a partner link in the widget of the person who brought him in.

Sites are visited daily by people including entrepreneurs. Someone wants to install the same widget on their site. Follows the link and puts on his website in the widget the affiliate link also appears. Schematically, an affiliate program can be depicted as a diagram

i.e. in fact, it’s enough to install the widget on 10-20 sites and start getting new customers to your network automatically.

During our work, statistics have been revealed that 10,000 visits to client sites give 1 registration. It turns out that having 20 sites with a traffic of 500 people, the network will grow daily on 1 site.

Further it was necessary to partner with other market players with a similar target audience.

Win-win partnership

The first people we partnered with were LPTrend, the landing page designer. Made a mailing list based on them. Received about 250 registrations.

Our next killer partner was a professional platform for creating an InSales online store. We placed our application in their market place. While InSales hasn’t done the newsletter, only those who find it in the store are registered. About 30 registrations.

Then we partnered with a convenient component for the online store for Jommla Xenmart, also integrating into their component.

Then we partnered with the landing page designer LPmotor. Now work is underway on technical integration. I can’t write anything off by the results. Until the end of September will be implemented.

Now I am negotiating with and nethouse. We also think how to make a component for WIX

Content marketing

Good results were obtained by posting articles on Spark and Megamind. In general, probably 400 registrations flew from these services in a month.

Paid traffic

Also for the test they gave paid advertising in Yandex Direct and VKontakte. Of course, one cannot talk about objectivity on such a volume, but our task is to generate money without investments and only what will be earned in CallbackKILLER will be reinvested.

In contact with

The registration fee was 30 rubles 62 kopecks

Yandex Direct

We ourselves do not climb into these areas. We give to partners - let them earn. It is very important for us that our partners feel comfortable and can earn money with us.


This is all the lyrics, I think it will be much more interesting to hear about numbers, conversions and money.

Registrations - 2587 users

Set the code - 30.69% - 794 users (not the site)

Pay for the connection - 19.71% - 510 users

Pay for the service - 5.8% - 150 users

Total we received 150 paying users per month. This is 127,500 rubles. Why is the figure more than 150 * 750, because 150 is the number of users, and they pay for 170 sites.

Today we launched a service in Ukraine at a price of 2.5 hryvnia per minute.

We are preparing the launch of the service in Kazakhstan and Belarus. Launching other countries takes time, as we connect local IP telephony operators to keep the price at a minimum level according to our strategy.

Always free CallbackKILLER

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