FixPrice for smartphone repair. True, only in France

    The amazing thing is near: the next crisis gave rise to the idea of ​​creating an unusual service center for repairing smartphones in the head of an enterprising Frenchman. In less than two years, he managed to turn an ordinary repair shop into an exponentially growing project with hundreds of employees and more than $ 1.5 million in monthly income.


    According to TechCrunch, the main feature of Save - the so-called workshop - is not the functionality of the service itself (smartphone repair), but the way the company conducts its business. The project carries out any repairs at a fixed price and not longer than 20 minutes. The user can bring his gadget to the Save point of sale, drink coffee nearby - and after 20 minutes pick up the smartphone repaired.

    If the user is inconvenient to take the smartphone himself for repair, he can call the courier who will pick up the device and return it after a certain time. The client can also send his smartphone by mail. The repair cost does not change.

    After some time, the project plans to start repairing not only smartphones, but also laptops and other equipment. Now the main goal of the leadership is to enter other countries as soon as possible and expand their business to the maximum number of cities. “We try to open one point of sale every day,” says the CEO of the service.

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