"Internet Tax" Nikita Mikhalkov may still be introduced

    The Russian Authors Society, headed by Sergei Fedotov, is not going to abandon the project to introduce a “global license” for content on the Web, writes RBC. Moreover, earlier the idea of ​​a “tax on the Internet", first proposed by director Nikita Mikhalkov, the founder of the Russian Union of Copyright Holders, was not accepted by market participants or specialized ministries.

    Now the Russian Union of Rightholders (RSP) has merged with the Russian Copyright Society (RAO) and the All-Russian Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The united structure is called the trade union of cultural figures “Russian Authors Society” (MPC RAO). Recall that the idea of ​​an “Internet tax” implied the extension of a “global license” to all “music and phonograms, audio-visual works and works of literature” posted on the Web.

    At the same time, Internet users could gain access to all the named content in exchange for a monthly subscription fee, or “author's fee”. The authors of the idea of ​​“Internet tax” found it difficult to determine the procedure for levying such a fee, as well as to name the person responsible for implementing the idea.

    Now the head of the RAO MPC Sergey Fedotov claims that the global license is a “revolutionary proposal” that they simply did not understand. In many ways, the rejection of this idea, according to Fedotov, was due to "biased publications in the press." RAO plans to continue work on this project further. “Whether the proposal for a global license in a modernized form will be accepted or whether there will be a different mechanism is too early to say. But he will be chosen one way or another, ”Fedotov said. is he

    RAO plans to continue developing a national register of intellectual property. According to Fedotov, the development of the registry should be handled by a "state-accredited collective management [copyright] organization." Funds for the implementation of this project are planned to be allocated from the money earned from the sale of real estate by a subsidiary of Service and Operational Company JSC.

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