Why remote work has improved my productivity: 3 reasons

Original author: Harry Huang
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Four months ago, I moved to Asia, and during this time, Ed, my co-founder, and I created Product Friends , JournoRequests.com , updated Hey Press, and reached our goal of a monthly income of $ 1,000.

Remote work has become a completely new and different experience from others, and despite the fact that, in my opinion, I now work fewer hours daily, the productivity of these watches has increased.

Here are some reasons that might explain these changes:

1. Effective interaction

Communication is vital for any startup, and its importance increases with remote work. In this case, it’s not only more difficult to exchange ideas (the virtual equivalent of “what do you think about it” is starting Skype and waiting for a call), but you also have to take into account the time difference between time zones.

This means that before phoning, you need to carefully think through the topics of discussion in order to reduce the risk of having to wait again for the moment when there will be an opportunity to talk about it again.

Before my daily Skype conversations with Ed, I wrote down everything that needed to be discussed in Trello (and Ed did the same), and we worked through each item in the course of our conversation. We entered the tasks in the list of tasks to be done in Trello (to-do list) in order to know what should be done before the next call. And therefore, we both know that we achieve short-term goals, and progress does not stand still, even if one of us is sleeping at this time.

2. The fight against routine

Living in a new place means that I need to find new places where I could eat, work and relax. One simple fact that I no longer ride the same tram, do not work in the same coffee shop and do not buy lunch in the same places, gives me energy, makes me more attentive and productive.

I think that a new place of work, a new office or the use of a special table for standing work have a similar effect - even small changes in the daily routine can play a big role.

3. Change of scenery

Working in Asia means that I have the luxury of exploring many places and countries, which would be very expensive and time consuming if I had to travel from London. Of course, I can’t get to Bali at EasyJet prices (British low-cost airline - approx. Translator), but 5 hours of flight certainly look much more optimistic than 14 hours.

For the same reasons that vacation is necessary in order not to get exhausted at work, combining travel and work gives me the opportunity to focus on tasks that are important in the long run, without feeling the need for rest in order to have a clear mind.

An additional bonus is the fact that in Asia, compared to Europe, it is much cheaper to travel. And I can see many things that I could never have seen in a different scenario, not to mention the opportunity to try quite exotic (but not always tasty) products.

Enjoying the milk neck of durian.

Here are my top reasons for increasing productivity in remote work. And what reasons can you share?

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