While Apple is discussing the possibility of launching its own online movie theater, Alibaba has launched a beta version of its video service

    Apple plans to compete with Netflix , Amazon Prime, and Hulu video services . The company may have its own online cinema with exclusive content. Apple in recent weeks has been discussing with Hollywood leaders the possible launch of its film company. The company has two options for filling the service with content: create your own movie studio or, for example, Netflix, buy movies and TV shows from other studios.

    Variety has becomeApple is known to have tried to contract for a new car show with former Top Gear presenters. However, this attempt failed, and a creative team led by Jeremy Clarkson entered into an agreement with Amazon last July. The show will be available on Amazon Prime for $ 121 per year. Amazon Prime has committed to shooting 36 episodes of more than $ 240 million.

    In the coming days, Apple will begin to search for employees for a new service. They plan to launch the service in 2016.

    On September 9, a presentation of the company's new products is planned - an Apple TV4 set-top box, a branded iTV TV and others. The set-top box allows you to watch movies purchased in iTunes and use Netflix and other online cinemas.

    Discussing the launch of the video service, Apple probably expects a sharp rise in its popularity - similar to Apple Music . A large community has formed around Apple products, in particular due to the widespread adoption of the iPhone and iPad. In June 2015, Apple launched the Apple Music streaming service, which now competes with Spotify and Google Music .

    Alibaba Group has launched a beta version of its own streaming video service Tmall Box Office. The company wants to repeat the success of American services in China - Netflix and HBO. Content will be purchased in China and other countries and produced in the company itself. In the future, Alibaba plans to produce more unique content. This should be a strong competitive advantage of the new service. A monthly subscription will cost users about $ 6.

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