Roskomnadzor has no opportunity to verify the implementation of the personal data law by foreign companies

    Photo : Vedomosti

    A spokesman for Roskomnadzor Vadim Ampelonsky said that the agency has no way to verify the implementation of the personal data law by foreign companies. “Facebook does not have an office in Russia, and the Google office performs exclusively marketing functions. That is, we cannot physically carry out routine verification activities for companies that are not legally present in Russia, for example, the seizure of documents, ”Ampelonsky commented on the situation. However, he does not believe that Google and Facebook should be exempted from the need to comply with the law, they write"Vedomosti". “Most likely we will receive complaints from meticulous users on this subject and ask the appropriate questions to companies,” the representative of the department emphasizes. At the same time, Roskomnadzor is not going to check large social networks and some other resources before the end of the year.

    Recall that if a Russian court recognizes a company as a violator of the relevant law, then it may be listed. But whether Roskomnadzor will go to court is up to the representatives of the department to decide. Some experts believe that this issue is on a political plane, not legal. If Roskomnadzor needs to get a decision that any service has violated the law, the court will most likely make such a decision.

    Earlier it was reported that the law on personal data does not apply to certain segments of online businesses. For example, for the time being, companies involved in the sale of airline tickets have been freed from the need to transfer personal data of Russians to the Russian Federation. The fact is that tickets are booked through global services, Amadeus, Gabriel, Saber, Galileo, and the data of users of these services are stored around the world, in accordance with international law.

    It also became known that Facebook does not consider it necessary to transfer the data of Russian users to the Russian Federation. There are several reasons for this: the first is purely economic, and the second is opportunistic - the social network simply does not consider personal data from user accounts.

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