What is Pibox and how did it come about?

    Hello everyone,

    With this article we are opening a series of publications about how we built our startup, what are we building up to, and then we will keep a diary of weekdays (sometimes weekends) of our project.
    Pibox is a cloud messenger that can transfer large volumes of files without losing quality. You can send HD videos, raw photos and anything else, and the recipient will receive files of exactly the quality you would like.

    With this project, we want to solve the problem of easily transferring large files. We have 3G, LTE, and news is already coming up about the development of 6G. The camera on our smartphone is getting better from model to model, and GoPro4 can shoot 4k video, but still you can’t transfer photos or videos without losing quality, and if you can, then you need to do a whole bunch of gestures.

    Initially, we wanted to add a cloud storage add-on on Facebook, but after collecting feedback from the market, after launching the minimum version, it became clear that it was necessary to bring this into a separate product, since there is a demand for it and it is not limited only to file transfer, but also requires active discussion. No sooner said than done. From the end of 2014, the understanding of what we want to achieve begins, and development starts in January. With each passing day, we began to understand more and more that it should be in the end and in May they showed the first, raw, but betka. They made a small announcement about the opening of friends and startup groups. After corrections and improvements, we launched the project on Betali.st. Looking ahead, I’ll say that the resource is very controversial, it gives traffic — it gives registrations, but there’s very little feedback, not to say, not at all,

    So, after fixing minor bugs, we started on the ProductHunt site and received the first significant surge of traffic. According to SimilarWeb, we had 15k unique ones, in fact a little less, but still. Which, again, gave us a bunch of reviews, which will last for 2-3 months, but here it is, the long-awaited confirmation by the market.
    At the moment we can:
    • Register in one click, via Facebook;
    • Add friends, again, through the FB;
    • Get a place using a referral link. For each new person, we give 3.14 GB to both the one who invited and the one who came;
    • You can create personal and group chats (without limitation, by the number of participants);
    • Reply to messages
    • Send files up to 10 GB, without loss of quality;
    • Store all files in the cloud, and manage them in the same place;
    • Open popular formats;
    • Communicate with those who were not our user.

    And much more. In the near future, we will continue to improve interaction with files, teach Pibox to open even more formats, release mobile applications in the fall, do the usual registration and add photo / video editing. That's all - plans for the next couple of months, then more!
    In the next article I will talk about how we went to ProductHunt.

    Stay tuned for our updates, and write all your wishes directly in the comments under this post or to ruslan@pibox.com.

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