Today, the law on personal data comes into force. Not all had time to prepare

    Photo: Kommersant

    September 1 - the date of entry into force of the so-called personal data law. Despite the fact that all companies that the law may concern in one way or another were aware of this date, far from all managed to prepare for the law to enter into force. On average, only one out of ten clients of the largest data centers, Kommersant reports . In addition, data not only from foreign but also from local companies is being transferred to Russia, because due to the devaluation of the ruble, prices for data storage services in the country have become less expensive than similar services abroad.

    Now, only about 10% of the customers of the twenty largest data processing providers in Russia have managed to completely complete the data transfer to the Russian Federation. In any case, this is stated in a study of two companies at once - Telecom Exchanges and 42Future. “Customers demonstrate a rather high interest in this topic, but are clearly already late with its implementation. The problem is a lack of understanding of companies, how exactly it is necessary to change the IT infrastructure and business processes, ”the authors note. So, in some situations, customers transferred only some of their systems, and in relation to the rest they suspended activity, waiting for clarifications and additions from regulators, "the study said.

    There are exceptions, which include several of the largest DCs in Russia. This, for example, DataLine (part of Inline Technologies Group). In just over a year, this company had about twenty new customers from abroad. In addition, DataPro was able to receive 5 or more foreign customers, with its foreign customers transferring data by about 80%. As for Selectel, foreign customers also appeared here, however, only 10% of their customers transferred personal data to Russia.

    According to iKS-Consulting, in 2014 the volume of the Russian market for DC increased by almost 30%, to 11.9 billion rubles. The total area of ​​the machine rooms of commercial data centers in Russia has reached 86 thousand square meters. m, and the number of racks is 25.5 thousand. The largest data center provider in Russia is DataLine, which has seven data centers with 2.6 thousand racks. Top 5 also includes MMTS-9, TrustInfo, Selectel and DataPro.

    It is worth recalling that the amendments to the law "On Personal Data", according to which companies are required to store personal data of Russians on servers located on the territory of Russia, come into force today. Those companies that do not have time to fulfill this requirement will be entered into the register of violators, with the subsequent possibility of blocking. In Russia, approximately 2.6 million organizations are subject to the new law.

    As mentioned above, now not only foreign, but also domestic companies come to Russia, the reason for which is the devaluation of the ruble. “Due to the devaluation of the ruble, prices for data center services in Russia have become lower than abroad, and political sentiments and various exercises in the event of a disconnection of Russia from the Internet encourage data storage in the country. Our important customers are also system integrators who act as intermediaries and often rent capacities for their customers, ”commented DataPro CEO Evgeny Bogdanchikov.

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