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We already wrote earlier about our attempts to reach the user. (The article can be read here. ) But the project is developing, and we did not want to stay at the amateur level. That is why it was decided to turn to professionals. On the one hand, I wanted to get a really high-quality selling video. On the other hand, it was incredibly interesting to look at the process of creation from the inside.

We had a long relationship with one of the studios (umbrela studio), so first of all we turned to them.

Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that everything was put on stream. I expected endless meetings during which the “color and pattern on the wings of the butterfly”, which should appear in the frame from 45 to 46 seconds, and debates about which font to use or endless discussions on what should be the music, will be discussed .

In fact, everything turned out to be much simpler. After a 15-minute conversation with a nice girl on Skype, we painted a brief:
  • video object - a mobile application that allows you to save on roaming. The user can receive and make calls to his number, even if he prefers to use a local SIM card when traveling
  • targeting - business travelers or frequent travelers who need to stay in touch from their room.
  • concept - to present the application and the advantages of its use, usability, cheapness, saving up to 90% on roaming.
  • call-to-action - it costs you nothing to just try. Install now.
  • languages ​​- English, Russian.

In less than a day, I received the script in English. During the day, several changes were made and the final version was adopted. Then there was the Russian translation, in which I wanted to make a few small changes. In fact, it was the text voiced by the announcer. The script did not contain storyboards, descriptions of scenes and all that. But this is even for the best, because it would be too difficult to perceive and could entail a longer discussion process.

A few days later I received a storyboard in the mail. This is something like a comic strip showing the main scenes of the video. Usually they don’t show storyboards to clients, as they say, “they don’t show half a job to a fool,” but I insisted. :)

It all looked something like this:

Of course, I had to justify my stubbornness with something, so I asked them to make some minor changes. I did not like the idea of ​​descending from heaven a golandka with the AVO logo, probably atheism played in me.

After making the appropriate amendments, work began on the graphics, which, to my surprise, lasted only a couple of days.

At this stage, no changes were made and the guys started animating and dubbing.

I would like to note that the requirement was initially made that the duration of the video should be no more than 30 seconds. But after we looked at the first option, it became clear that this was a bust, the speed of the information was too high, and the viewer could hardly process it. Therefore, it was decided to slow down the pace, and lengthen the video for another 10 seconds. After re-dubbing and adjusting the video to a new speed, we got the final version:

It would be nice to get your feedback on the video.


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