Domestic bank card is created on the basis of imported parts

    A new player will soon appear on the Russian bank card market - the domestic Mir card. This card will be used to conduct transactions both within the framework of the National Payment Card System (NSPK) and for working with foreign systems, writes Lenta. It is interesting that the card will be domestic, but components for it are imported from abroad.

    In addition, the NSPK payment application will also be released on the basis of the foreign Java software platform. According to the head of the Novakard development department, Mikhail Fayerstein, a list of chips that can be used to issue a domestic card has already been compiled. Other suppliers include the French company Oberthur.

    Firestein noted that the system recommends that banks work with Russian suppliers and manufacturers, but the credit institution makes the decision.

    NSPK earned in Russia since April 1. The need to create such a system arose in the summer of 2014, when two of the largest foreign systems, Visa and MasterCard, stopped servicing cards of a number of Russian banks that fell under US sanctions.

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