Procrastination –– a disease of the 21st century

I recently decided to make a note on a blog, but now I realized that it would be quite nice for all of us. So, the background.

It was falling asleep heavily as always. Mountains of information, tasks, plans, thoughts and conclusions did not allow to leave the country of Morpheus. It was thought that something was about to change. It was understood that something had to be solved, vectors and directions had to be changed, but nothing was done, and therefore every day and night they only led to life problems and nervous breakdowns.

How to deal with laziness?

How do other people fight this? This question tormented me for a very long time, but I did not find an answer. At first I found excellent excuses, something like " but you try not to be lazy in a country where a person cannot walk the extra hundred meters and therefore puts the car at the entrance to the lawn ." Obviously, “your own atmosphere” affects a person, but this fact did not stop me from looking for a solution to the problem, but only encouraged me. I really wanted to get to the truth and open my eyes to everyone. And then I realized that I was digging in the wrong direction! The realization that I'm not lazy came not so long ago. I was looking for a solution to a problem that actually did not exist.

Once again, spreading rottenness for not having time to do anything, and if I did, then some nonsense, I realized - this is not laziness. After all, with bouts of laziness, a man, corny, does not want to do anything and somehow is not really soared about this.

And then another! I am well aware that this is important and necessary, but I find ten elegant reasons and excuses to postpone it all for later. And well, I would have endured it and forgot it, but there it was! You worry, no transfer gives you a minute of peace, you are soared about all this!

Can you take it as a vacation, you say? But no. After all, when you relax, you are charged with energy, like a smartphone connected to the mains. But in reality it turns out that you are connected to the power grid, beautifully lying, but only this network does not work, and all that you do is lose this precious energy.

Awareness is a cure . It was with an understanding of what was happening that he began to look for the answer and found. Fortunately, Google immediately realized what was happening and gave me such a concept - procrastination.

Reading the article , I got the impression that I was looking in the mirror. The first thing that changed was the opinion of others. I realized that the people around are not lazy, they want to change a lot, but they cannot, and, perhaps, they also suffer, albeit quietly in a corner, invisibly to those around them.

That would have called the traffic police to a bastard who blocked the entrance to the courtyard, would have helped a passer-by to get up, but somehow it didn’t work out. There is self-justification like " what if someone else has already called or a passer-by following me will help ."

The real truth is hidden in the following quote - “You can always find many justified justifications for the inability to meet the deadline . "

How to deal with procrastination?

After all, this is really a disease of the 21st century!

There is an exit. It may be purely individual and subjective, because the root causes of all are different, and the result is the same. Planning, planning, and planning again helps me.

The first thing to do is to erase all plans and thoughts from your head , and transfer it to paper or electronic form . And it works! This is similar to the situation when the hard drive is full of the necessary information, but it is very buggy. Which exit? Pour everything you need onto a USB flash drive / cloud storage and bam - there’s already a place and the information has not been lost. So it is here. Evernote

helps me in this regard , but a paper notebook can also help you, because to each his own!

I have two files: one is general tasks and the second is tasks for every day. Everything is simple. During the day, you write down all tasks and thoughts in a general note, and set deadlines, and when you go to bed, you make a plan for tomorrow. Transfer to it what you are going to do and what you can do (look at the shared file and take some of the tasks from there).

Know that not everything always depends on you, and the world is full of accidents. After all, a meeting can be canceled, and the time allotted for this meeting will simply be wasted. But it shouldn’t be like that! You should always have your plans at hand and quickly adjust them. Free time has appeared - see the general to-do list. Perhaps there is a matter for which just two hours allotted for the meeting will suffice.

It is worth understanding that procrastination does not pass quickly. She's coming back. She's like a turn. The main thing is that you can and must fight it!

And how do you fight this, I’m not afraid of the word, disease?

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