7 signs of a stupid recruiter

    HRLet's be completely honest, hiring specialists (especially those who like to call themselves fashionable Americanism “headhunters”) have a very definite reputation, and it is fundamentally different from the image that girls who enroll in universities in pink dreams enroll in universities as personnel employee. At the same time, I am absolutely sure that there are cool specialists in this profession.

    What good

    This profession has recently made a significant breakthrough in the open spaces of one disputed part of the land, and we have specialists who are very likely to interest and hire the coolest professionals, and freeloaders and lazy people to weed out. They certainly exist, but as in many other industries, they represent an honorable minority that seeks to get beyond the statistical error. Some of the recruiters quietly become heroes of jokes, which gives considerable pleasure to other characters in corporate humor. Despite this, in no case should it be denied that the situation is gradually changing for the better.

    What's so bad

    Any, even the most snotty and snuffy graduate of the personnel department specialty considers himself a real catcher of human souls and thoughts. Armed with a medal for five years of impeccable imprisonment in the classrooms of universities, the “skills” of NLPertsev and the “big red folder”, such a recruiter will terrorize job portals day and night, dissect gigabytes of resumes and destroy the remnants of nerve cells of applicants.

    In this topic, I will try to deduce some typical signs of a stupid "bounty hunter", with the first hints that your ears should be at the top and your legs at a low start in the direction of exit. Why waste time and nerves? For employers and recruiters - note.

    Redundant recommendation requirement

    The naive assumption that a greater number of recommendations characterizes a quality specialist indirectly indicates that the recruiter takes seriously the opinion of an authoritative and not very majority. The more applicants will recommend, the better, although a class specialist is characterized only by his previous work and achievements.


    If a recruiter tirelessly rushes around with common cliches, quotes popular statements to and from place, most likely it seems to him that he is a notorious scholar and the very fact of his condescension before talking with you suggests that such a personnel specialist considers demonstrating his abilities. In fact, such behavior leads to directly opposite conclusions regarding the mental abilities of such a character.

    Really cool recruiters speak the simplest language, and the purpose of your conversation for them is to obtain the necessary information. A real recruiter has only two mutually exclusive goals - to hire or not to hire.

    Single Actor Theater

    Own loud and confident voice introduces them into a state close to orgasmic. Throughout the interview, you may not even have the opportunity to speak in detail. An indirect sign that the recruiter is not listening to you is that after any of your statements, the recruiter returns to his previous thesis, without amending what you said, as if you did not say anything. Who can be hired by a human resources specialist who has been involved in the whole interview process to increase his FAC? In fact, the total number of words spoken by a recruiter should be several times less than that of a candidate. Why should the personnel officer talk about himself, because he already works in the organization?

    Inability to answer basic questions and ignorance

    To your simplest and most direct question about the organization’s activities, a grief recruiter can answer only in the most vague formulations. At such a moment, suspicions immediately arise about the competence of this specialist, since a personnel specialist should have a clear idea of ​​the company and its activities. It is possible that his ideas are seriously simplified and sketchy, but their absence from a normal employee is unacceptable. A professional recruiter fully understands the market, company and the needs of the company's customers.


    Bad recruiters are just as reckless as the wind in their head, and just as fast. For them, everything that happens is short-term. Write "+1" in the column of the diary "done" is more important for them. We all know that everything related to personnel work relates to long-term tasks.

    Forcing Additional Suggestions

    Assertiveness is not the most important quality of a personnel specialist. Pressing and forcing pre-agreed offers and conditions should tell you that something is wrong either with the vacancy or with the company as a whole. A good recruiter will never give reason to doubt the seriousness of the intentions and thoroughness of the company, even if there really are any problems with the vacancy.


    Bad recruiters will not lift a finger once again. When the tasks of hiring employees with grief in half have nevertheless been completed, they are engaged in anything, but not their work. A good recruiter is always on the lookout. Upon a supervisor’s sudden request for hiring additional staff, the recruiter will present his “homework” in the shortest possible time: he will send a packet of well-prepared letters to the candidates selected in advance, and after making a few calls to the most desirable candidates, he will agree on an interview plan with the unit interested in the candidate.

    If you are faced with any of the described signs, then try to retreat as quickly as possible under any convenient pretext. Why do you need a job at a company that is not able to hire a normal human resources specialist? If you are the head of the company and such an HR specialist works for you, drive him in the neck!

    Why am I so angry at HR officers? Yes, because they, for the most part, do not even realize the full depth of their responsibility (or rather, irresponsibility) to the organization. Any smallest miscalculation of a recruiter is invisible in the short term and extremely toxic in the long term.

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