How I sold the refrigerator at night

    This is the story of one online store that sells household appliances and household goods. The owner shared with us his story of successful sales.


    “I have a small store, like most we work until 10 pm,” says the owner. Clients usually have a lot of questions, for example, on delivery, picking, credit, etc., so all orders are placed in the afternoon. ”
    The owner posted on his website a callback widget that keeps potential customers during the day and promises to call back all night visitors in the morning. And here is the sales dynamics that was achieved after 4 days of use (the numbers are hidden at the request of the client): The

    widget was installed on 08/12/2015 and after 4 days the daily sales turnover through the website increased by about 28%.
    It is interesting that the first buyer who left his phone number at night bought a refrigerator worth 20,490 rubles, and the cost of retaining this customer was 54 rubles, which was how much the conversation with the Pozvonim widget cost.

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    Have you already used a callback widget in your online store?

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    • 78.7% No 52

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