How much does an ideal marketer analyst cost

    In August of this year, the Superjob portal conducted a study of salary offers and expectations for the vacancy Marketing Analyst. In the process of research, the employment market of 15 cities of Russia was studied.

    Most employers expect candidates to perform the following tasks:

    - organization of marketing research by contractors: preparation of technical tasks, monitoring deadlines, etc .;
    - organization of marketing research by the company: the development of tools, information collection, data analysis, writing analytical reports;
    - analysis of the results of marketing research (assessment of market capacity, market segmentation, analysis of competitors, target audience, SWOT analysis, etc.);
    - analysis of sales and development of measures to promote sales;
    - drawing up, coordination, monitoring the implementation of the budget for marketing research;
    - participation in the development of assortment and pricing policies;
    - reporting.

    Applicants with incomplete higher education in the field of economics, sociology, marketing or mathematics can apply for a minimum wage. At the initial stage, confident Excel knowledge (pivot tables, formulas, graphs) is sufficient. The ability to work with macros is also desirable. Well, of course, knowledge of the basics of marketing at least at a basic level. At the start, young professionals with no work experience are offered from 40,000 rubles in Moscow and from 33,000 rubles in St. Petersburg.
    In order to receive a higher salary, applicants must have a diploma of higher education in these areas and experience in marketing as an analyst from 1 year. In addition, they will require skills in working with large amounts of data and experience in writing analytical reports. When these requirements are met, they will be provided with a salary of 50,000-55,000 rubles (Moscow), 40,000-45,000 rubles (St. Petersburg).

    If the candidate has experience in organizing a full cycle of marketing research and work experience of two years or more, he can count on a higher salary. In such positions, knowledge of various methods of statistical data analysis, skills in working with SPSS, and MS Access are appreciated. Salary offers in this case reach 85,000 rubles (Moscow) and 70,000 rubles (Petersburg).

    An experienced marketer-analyst who has worked in this position for more than three years can hope for the highest salary. It will require experience in building models and strategic forecasting, as well as knowledge of the English language at a conversational or free level. It may even require knowledge of the database query language (SQL). Such candidates are offered up to 120,000 rubles in Moscow, and up to 100,000 rubles in St. Petersburg.

    Source: Superjob

    According to a study, 57% of candidates for the position of marketing analyst are women. 97% of applicants have a university diploma. 26% of applicants speak English at a fluent or conversational level, AdIndex reports .

    The average salary of a marketing analyst in Moscow is 68,000 rubles, in St. Petersburg - 55,000 rubles, in Volgograd - 36,000 rubles, in Voronezh -37,000 rubles, in Yekaterinburg - 46,000 rubles, in Kazan - 37,000 rubles, in Krasnoyarsk - 42,000 rubles, in Nizhny Novgorod - 40,000 rubles, in Novosibirsk - 44,000 rubles, in Omsk - 36,000 rubles, in Perm - 40,000 rubles, in Rostov-on-Don - 41,000 rubles, in Samara 40 000 rubles, in Ufa - 37 000 rubles, in Chelyabinsk - 40 000 rubles.

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