The cost of mobile video is gradually catching up with the cost of desktop and TV counterparts


    A new study from eMarketer showed that the cost of mobile video is gradually catching up with the cost of desktop and TV counterparts.

    According to the report at the conference “Mobile video advertising in the USA 2015”, despite the fact that the cost of mobile advertising will grow by 70% or 2.62 billion dollars, this is below the level of the digital video advertising market as a whole. By 2019, the desktop and mobile will be closer in terms of cost. However, eMarketer suggests that while mobile video will be $ 6.86 billion out of $ 14.38 billion in digital video ads, the desktop counterpart will only be slightly ahead of $ 7.52 billion.
    Cost indicators for various types of digital video ads, by device, 2013-2019
    In billions of dollars and percent

    The cost of mobile video advertising is undergoing rapid growth due to the rapid growth in the number of people watching videos and the increasing time spent on smartphones and tablets. Despite this, there are difficulties in the novelty of the format, which affect the growth rate.

    The reasons for the growth problems are that mobile video is a relatively new format. Advertisers are not completely sure about the metrics and standards for evaluating video ads. It is difficult for the customer to evaluate the success of the campaign. Additional difficulties are insecurity on the Internet itself, as well as in blockers of advertising notifications with which you can turn off ads.

    However, studies show that the consumption of mobile video in the United States alone is 105 million users who watch video at least once a month. This is a 13.9% increase over the previous year. The number of users is expected to double by the end of 2015.

    Consumers are increasingly watching videos on mobile devices, which is why many advertisers consider the most valuable strategy to buy mobile video ads as part of a campaign combining television and digital advertising.

    Indeed, marketers have begun incorporating video ads into cross-channel campaigns. Given the interactivity of mobile touch screens, today the involvement in mobile video is very high and much more personalized compared to desktop.

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