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We are glad to inform you about the launch of the new free course “ Check Point for Beginners ”. The course is being developed at the initiative of Check Point with our direct participation. In essence, this is our substantially reworked course Check Point Getting Started , which we read only offline. Thanks to the edits and additions from Check Point employees, the material that is most useful (for beginners) is obtained. The main initiator, editor and translator of the course is Valery Lukin (Check Point Cyber ​​Security Evangelist). The second editor is Dameon Welch-Abernathy, better known as “PhoneBoy”.

The course is available exclusively for CheckMates users .(free registration) and so far only in English. If you are interested in course content or what is CheckMates, then welcome under the category ...

Laboratory layout

The figure below shows the topology that will be used for training. The laboratory bench itself can be deployed on both ESXi and VMware Workstation or VirtualBox. Lessons include theoretical (very brief) and practical parts.

Laboratory works

To date, only 5 lessons have been published:

  1. Architecture
  2. Preparing the Lab
  3. Installing Security Management Server
  4. Installing Security Gateway
  5. Gaia WebUI and CLI

In the near future there will be a few more:

  • Smartconsole basics
  • Access control
  • NAT

So far, the lessons are exclusively in text format, but perhaps the video format will appear soon. You can follow the addition of new lessons on this CheckMates page . There you will also find additional training material:

It should be noted that this course is in no way a substitute for official courses ( CCSA , CCSE , CCSM , etc.). However, I would strongly recommend these materials for study before registering for an official training.


We have already published an article “ Check Point Instructions and Useful Documentation ”, where we mentioned a resource like CheckMates :
This is a community portal for a huge number of Check Point users. It is also supported by the vendor itself. It regularly publishes educational materials, webinars, interesting articles from experts and much more. But most importantly - here you can ask a question to which you could not find the answer in the documentation. The community is very lively and most likely you will be answered very quickly.

All materials are divided into 5 large groups:

  • CloudGuard IaaS (vSec)
  • CloudGuard SaaS
  • Capsule Cloud
  • SandBlast API

  • SandBlast Mobile
  • Capsule docs
  • Capsule Workspace
  • Other Mobile Security Topics

Threat Prevention:
  • SandBlast Agent (Endpoint)
  • SandBlast API
  • SandBlast Cloud
  • SandBlast Mobile
  • SandBlast Network
  • Other Threat Prevention Topics

  • Install, Maintenance, Upgrades
  • Large Scale Management
  • Logging, Monitoring, Event Analyst
  • Policy management
  • Other Management Topics
  • Developers (Code Hub)

  • About CheckMates
  • All products
  • Appliance and Gaia
  • Endpoint security
  • General Product Topics
  • Local User Groups
  • Member Exclusive Content
  • Remote access
  • Scalable Platforms
  • Secureknowledge
  • SMB Appliance + SMP
  • Training and Certification
  • Checkpoint pitch

The CheckMates community regularly hosts technical webinars (TechTalks). Some recent topics:

  1. Security Visibility Best Practices with SmartEvent
  2. Advanced Threat Prevention Best Practices
  3. Security Gateway Performance Optimization
  4. IPS Usability in R80.20
  5. Central Deployment Tool and Blink

Video lessons and courses are published. Here are some of the most popular materials:

  1. Migrating from R77.30 to R80.10 Using Advanced Upgrade Procedure
  2. R80.20 - Integrating Google Cloud Account
  3. R80.10 Policy Management - Permissions per Layer
  4. Check Point DEMO (R80.10, R77.30, Gaia Embedded)
  5. How to connect a SMB appliance to the Security Management Portal
  6. IPS Protections in Detect (Staging) State
  7. Check Point Infinity - Connecting the Dots
  8. R80.20 Log Exporter Feature
  9. Check Point Lightboard Series - SandBlast Mobile Architecture
  10. Upgrade from R77.30 to R80.10 via CPUSE

As you can see, this is not material for beginners at all. Therefore, if you work with Check Point, then you simply must register on this platform (if you have not already done so). All community members receive a weekly newsletter with a selection of the most important and interesting materials. The community is actively developing. Currently, over 30 thousand users and 100 thousand unique visitors per month are registered.

If you do not want to miss future lessons, then subscribe to our group VK , Youtube and Telegram .

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