HackStore Preview - New functionality on the site

    Good evening Megamind!

    Today I’ll talk about the new HS Preview feature . To find out why it is needed, what we were inspired by and how to use it to view and share applications, I ask for a cut.

    To get started, I’ll ask you to leave more tips and comments on the publication. This is necessary for us, together with you we will make the  HackStore better! But back to the main topic, we believe that it is not enough to provide users with the ability to install and buy applications in one click - you also need to provide a convenient platform so that everyone can find what he needs, and for this only the web browser should be enough. So that you can quickly find the application and share it with friends, we createdHackStore Preview  - with this function you can find the application you need by name, read the description, download using HackStore , and recommend it to friends. 

    We were inspired by the original Apple service - iTunes Preview , but at the same time, we did not overload the interface with additional functionality. We believe that in this format, the brevity and convenience of the information provided is important, and the way to quickly share your favorite applications. 

    In order to download the application you like, just a few clicks. After clicking the "View in HackStore" button, you need to confirm the presence of HackStore on your computer. In order for the desired application page to open in HackStorewe use a link of the form hackstore: // AppName - we implemented this function in the latest update to HackStore . Well, if you have not had time to install HackStore yet  - you can download the latest version of our store via a direct link inside the pop-up window.

    That's all we wanted to tell you about the new HackStore Preview ! We hope that it will be useful to you. Stay with us, in the near future you will find the next HackStore update in which we will add a lot of new and interesting! We are waiting for your comments, comments and your applications in our store!

    HackStore Preview - Available at http://hack-store.com/store

    Website: hack-store.com
    FAQ: hack-store.com/faq

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