The demand for smart watches has grown almost three times in a year, the number of models has grown six times

    Yandex analyzed the clicks to the pages of sellers from Yandex.Market and found that over the past year the demand for smart watches has grown 2.7 times. The interest in smart watches in the Yandex aggregator is comparable to the interest in e-books.


    Smart watches cost an average of 11.3 thousand rubles. In April 2015, the average price was 8 thousand rubles.

    In Yandex.Market, two thousand stores sell goods in the smart watch category - 1.7 times more than in June 2014. The number of models is about one hundred and fifty.

    The most popular model was the Xiaomi Mi Band fitness bracelet . In second place is Apple’s new gadget: WatchSport 42mm with sports bracelet. Of the dozens of popular gadgets in the category, COOKOO Watch, Nike FuelBand SE, Pebble SmartWatch have dropped out.

    Earlier, the Federal Customs Service, in response to a complaint from the Association of Internet Commerce Companies (AKIT), began checking the sale of Apple Watch through Yandex.Market. The applicants noted that Apple did not start selling smart watches, but they were already in the issuance of the aggregator, and they could be bought through the service. The official sale of the Apple Watch in Russia began this morning.

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