Best DIY gift

    Recently, more and more people are asking the question "what to give?"

    Birthdays, New Year's holidays, March 8, February 23, anniversary and other important dates each time enter into a stupor. And the search begins. Searches for what to buy, not give. The very essence of the gift in modern society has lost its original meaning. In pursuit of material wealth, comfort and financial well-being, we began to forget about the most important. These obligatory dates only fetter us, and we ask our relatives and friends “what should you give?”, And, having not received an answer, we solve the problem, yes, it was the choice of a gift now, money in a beautiful envelope - let the person give himself what Something. Or just buy unnecessary trinkets, which we ourselves have a full wardrobe, and give or redistribute.

    Each person has his own talents: someone knows how to draw, someone writes music, someone knows about microchips, someone is fond of photography, you can go on forever. Even the simple ability to cook deliciously is already an ability that can be developed. Why not use these talents and try to create a gift yourself? There are many options: write a song, poetry, shoot a video, create a photo book, arrange a photo shoot, create a photo album of memories with signatures that are understandable only to you and your loved one.

    In this case, you will take into account all the interests and characteristics of the people to whom you want to make a gift. Nobody knows their preferences better than you, and nobody better than you gives them real, lively emotions that will be remembered for a long time and will cheer them up on a gloomy rainy evening.
    At the moment, a sufficient number of creative sites and communities on social networks have been created that will help you show your talent and make a real interesting gift.

    Here is a small selection of such sites:

    infoniac - the site contains many tips on how to make a DIY gift, there are video tutorials, as well as useful information other than gifts. This site has a community in the infoniac social network .

    progodelki - everything is correctly explained on this site, and most importantly there is a description of what you can do gifts with your own hands, study the technique you like, and then everything depends on the flight of your imagination.

    podelkisvoimirukami- A very good site, a lot of various crafts and their constant updating, plus, again, a variety of techniques and ideas for creativity.

    In social networks, for example, VKontakte, there are also a lot of do-it-yourself gift communities:

    goQuests is a decent and yet free application where you can create quests for your loved ones - it can be anything from a hidden gift to places where you will wait for a person and arrange a holiday for him or just positive emotions from passing, tasks invented especially for a person.

    Do-it- yourself gifts are more valuable than those acquired in stores, the emotions upon receipt are much brighter and richer. You can easily check this by trying at least once.

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