7 things to be destroyed by self-driving cars

Original author: Seif El Shinawy
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Think about what you face on the road today. Will all this make sense for self-driving cars?

Will all this make sense for self-driving cars?

There is no doubt that changes are already looming on the horizon, which will significantly change our cities. Everything that we see today in our streets is designed to please the driver. But what will the streets look like if we remake them to please the computer driver? Please note that the list below will take effect only when people lose access to driving on the roads and autonomous cars are connected to each other and connected to the Internet.

Street signs

“Stop”, “give way”, “speed limit” - all these and other signs will be a thing of the past. Street signs direct our attention and call us to action: slow down, give way, or more carefully enter a sharp turn. As soon as the cars are “updated” - probably via google maps - they will automatically adhere to all restrictions and slow down around schools.

Traffic lights

Red, yellow, green. Soon we will not see these pillars of our intersections anywhere. What will the traffic lights be for us? Algorithms will figure out the best way to handle traffic, and cars will obediently stop and drive. Now it seems crazy, but it will become our reality in the near future.


Lane demarcation lines help you understand when to or should not be rebuilt. Self-driving cars will understand this without lanes, because they will have information about the width of the road and the distance to neighboring cars. Many more cars will fit on our streets, and it will probably be a frightening sight.

Turn signals and brake lights

From the day of their invention, cars have been developed based on human control. Stoplights and turn signals are intended to inform other drivers of your intention to turn or brake. If we are talking about the interaction of computers, now they don’t need light, they just need to send a few bits of code to each other. Do you think this is crazy? That's not all!


Judging by the way with which the Millennium generation makes a choice in favor of sharing cars instead of buying their own, the importance of owning your own car will rapidly decrease. Thus, the taxi icons on the roofs of the car will soon disappear completely. Shared, shared cars will not stand out in the general flow of cars.

Parking clock

Due to the fact that people will no longer own cars, there will be no need to leave the car in the parking lot, go about their business while it is idle, and then return to it. In the future, the car will drop you off and leave to look for the next closest customer to pick up, and you don’t need to worry about parking. And if we carefully consider this idea, we will understand that parking spaces will also decrease in size, because cars can insert incredibly close to each other. And there they will recharge their batteries.

Gas stations

Gas stations will definitely change their current look. But I want to point out that cars will be recharged automatically when they are parked at home, or in their parking lot, after they have long and hard transported customers around.

Bonus: Traffic

And here is the cherry on the cake: you will get to your destination much faster! Moreover, there will be much more space inside the car. Places to sleep, exercise, work, take time to work or any other commandment of your heart. This is your personal space, just like this room in which you are now. ∎

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