Google takes second place in the world in terms of capitalization

    After successful Friday trading on the stock exchange, when the shares of the corporation went up by 17% immediately, Google's capitalization amounted to $ 468 billion, adding $ 65 billion. Now the company takes second place after Apple in the list of the most expensive US public companies, Vedomosti writes . Only one company showed a higher result than Google - Cisco, whose capitalization grew immediately by $ 66 billion in one day (April 17) in 2000. Note that Google shares rose in price against the backdrop of favorable results of the corporation's next quarterly financial report.

    For investors, the important point is that the company's "iron" business, the production of mobile devices, does not harm the income of the Google search service from the sale of advertising. In addition, Google CFO Ruth Porat hinted that the company could share money with investors. At the end of June, the corporation had $ 69.8 billion in its accounts. At the same time, Google never bought back the shares and did not pay dividends.

    For Google, a rather significant problem was the issue of displaying its advertising on mobile devices - after all, the displays of smartphones are not so large, and it’s quite difficult to buy goods or order services with them. However, in the end, the optimal format for mobile advertising was found.

    “Mobile technology is changing e-commerce and consumer behavior. Together with advertisers and partners, we try to show as clearly as possible all the advantages of mobile technologies and ensure strong growth in this area, ”says Sridhar Ramaswami, head of advertising and commerce at Google.

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