6 trends in Mobile Advertising that everyone needs to know (Part 2)


    We continue to acquaint you with the main trends in mobile advertising . See Part 1 .

    4. Minimizing the number of actions to make a Purchase - a one-click purchase on social networks.

    The Buy button, optimized for mobile and simplifying the purchase process, is a trend.

    Mobile is always at hand. Thus, with the help of it you can go through all the stages of the purchase process - up to the payment. When your future customers are interested in your product / service, let them go through the entire purchase process without unnecessary effort and complexity.

    A few key principles for a mobile-optimized Buy button:

    • Reasonable size - to make it easier to find, and it was easy to press with a finger of any size
    • Be clear - answer the question “what will it give me”
    • Visual effects - stand out, arouse interest in the client - “what should I do next to buy this”, “how can I get this”

    Remember, one size is not suitable for everything in the world. Try to figure out what works best. Most importantly, create a “smooth” buying process for your customers.

    5. The mobile advertising industry has a potential for growth of 25 billion US dollars.

    24% falls on viewing media on mobile devices, but only 8% of the advertising dollar goes to mobile. Relatively few when compared to the Internet.

    There is a significant gap between the use of mobile devices and advertising costs. It seems that many Advertisers (so far) have not paid enough attention to switching consumer interest to mobile. Perhaps this situation has arisen due to the difficulties of tracking mobile advertising.

    Compared to desktops, cookies on mobile devices have many limitations. The good news is that alternative smart methods can fix this.

    So the question is, why do not you take advantage of the prospects that, obviously, provides mobile advertising?

    In addition, you can not discount the strategic opportunities that locally targeted mobile advertising provides. So here is such a bonus trend. Take and use!

    6. Based on the user's location, mobile advertising will prevail.

    60% of users use a smartphone on the go, while making purchases in shopping centers, grocery and retail stores. 56% of customers make purchases - as a result of receiving relevant advertising.

    A smartphone is a very personal thing, and it is always at hand. Thus, you can use location data and user behavior to deliver very accurate mobile advertising content to your future customers.

    With hyperlocal targeting, you can achieve a high level of engagement. There are several types of it, here are some of them:
    • Geo-fencing - send your advertisement to those who are in the immediate vicinity of your "point of sale".
    • Geo-aware - send various content to different users, for example, indicate the currency of dollars. USA, people from America.
    • Geo-location - the locator of your store that will help guide the customer to it from the point where it is now located.
    • Geo-conquesting - reach your customers when they are in close proximity to the "point of sale" of your competitors. Offer them more favorable terms.

    This is all great opportunities for brands whose decisions to purchase goods / services can be made spontaneously - retail, restaurants, financial services / insurance.

    The results of

    Trends show us that mobile advertising has great potential for growth. We gave you ideas on how to strategize your advertising campaign. Here are brief abstracts:

    1. Videos are becoming more popular and better. Mobile video is growing. Benefit from this growth!
    2. Make your video as compelling as possible, it should be concise and capture your audience.
    3. Make vertical videos for your customers.
    4. Create a simple and “smooth” buying process for your customers, for example, a one-click purchase.
    5. Use mobile technology to capitalize on location-based advertising.
    6. Follow the trends ... they direct their way to the mobile!

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