Virusdai launches a social experiment

    Should each paid service have a trial period of use? Such that all functionality without restrictions was given for a day, a week or a month, and only then it was offered to pay? Reflections on this topic can be found in startup books and sections of Grow Hacking. However, it is much more interesting to observe the behavior of a startup in real time. When research, analysis and serious decision-making takes place before your eyes. We decided to conduct an experiment and talk openly about it. In the end, we will decide to change the business model of the Virusdai service .

    Today, opinions of people are divided. We have a free tariff, but its functionality is limited. Some users advise you not to change anything, another part - enter a trial period and open all the functions. Proponents of the “free trial” claim that they are ready to switch to paid protection services even after they use the site’s treatment function for free.

    We understand those who consider it necessary to try the new service in full before its full use. We doubt it. To make sure that webmasters are right, we publicly launch a social experiment and temporarily introduce a free trial period.

    The experiment will last a week: from 07/17/2015 to 07/23/2015. At this time, it will be possible to try the capabilities of the Virusdai service for free. At the end of the experiment, we will announce the results and understand whether it is worth introducing the “trial” in any form on an ongoing basis. The satisfaction will be monitored from the first use of the service and the change in conversion to regular users.

    For new users

    Each new user registered during the experiment will receive 1 day of free use of the Virusday service. The highlighting function of the found code, detailed reports, file treatment and a firewall will be available ("Expert Help" is not available). The number of sites in the account is as always unlimited. A day after user registration on the service, all sites in his list will automatically be transferred to a free tariff (except those sites that will be converted to a paid tariff during this time).

    For registered users

    It will be unfair if we do not give the opportunity to participate already registered users. For all sites in their accounts located at a free tariff, for 1 day we will give the function of highlighting the found code, detailed reports, file treatment and firewall ("Expert Help" is not available).

    So everyone can try the Virusdai service for free.
    So, the experiment is started!

    PS And of course, wishes and comments on the functions and operation of the service are important to us.

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