How professionals work. Asya Soskova, Director of Organizational Development at Ketchum Maslov

    The column “How Professionals Work” continues to acquaint readers of Megamind with the working habits of a wide variety of specialists in the Russian IT market.

    Today, the focus is another beautiful girl - Asya Soskova, director of organizational development of the communications agency Ketchum Maslov . In 2004, she began working in this agency, which was then called “Maslov, Sokur and Partners” as the “account executive”, worked until 2009 and left for the position of managing director at marka: ff is an event agency working with modern art.

    In 2010, she returned to Ketchum Maslov to her current position, which she still holds today.

    Current location:
    Moscow, Prechistenskaya embankment

    Current place of work:
    Communication agency Ketchum Maslov

    One word that best describes how you work:
    With love

    How many hours do you work a day?
    Usually no more than 9.

    Current mobile device:
    iPhone 4S.

    Current computer:
    MacBook Air at home, Lenovo at work.

    What applications, programs, utilities can you live without?
    I’m a scary visual, so I start the morning (and end the day) by viewing the feed on Instagram. For the same reason - VSCOCam - I rarely upload photos myself, but I’m sure to deal with their processing. Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp - this is all clear. Shazam, of course - I'm constantly looking for new cool music. Uber or Moscow Parking (depending on whether I am on the car or not). In the office - Google Hangouts, Google Calendar.

    What kind of life hack helps you save time?
    Allocate time in the calendar for specific tasks. Meetings only at strictly scheduled hours (and so that everyone knows about it), a separate time for current routine affairs and project work, etc.

    Which to-do manager do you use?
    Notepad and pen. I'm trying to go to Trello (I admire people who control their affairs with the help of applications, I really want to learn how to do this).

    What do you listen to when you work?
    The last time is nothing, the music distracts from work (the rest of the time it is almost always with me).

    What are you reading now?
    I always read several books in parallel, now it is “Becoming Attached” by Robert Karen; The Invention of Wings, Sue Monk Kid and Organization Development - A Process of Learning and Changing, W. Warner Burke.

    Which book of the last read was the most memorable?
    Delusions of Gender: How Our Minds, Society, and Neurosexism Create Difference - Cordelia Fine. It is boring and overly scientific in some places, but it definitely makes us think about how we are exposed to stereotypes (in this case gender).

    Do you use electronic readers or prefer paper books?
    There is a reader, at one time she took it on trips with pleasure, but now it is almost exclusively paper.

    How much time do you sleep?
    I try not less than 8 hours, otherwise I feel bad. In the summer it is difficult, it turns out about 7.

    Are you an owl or an early bird?
    Owl Owl.

    How do you have breakfast?
    I prefer 20 minutes in bed to breakfast, but lately I have been making myself breakfast. I make oatmeal with boiling water, add honey, all kinds of superfoods or fruit berries. Sometimes toasts with something on them (cheese, avocado, almond butter, marmite). And a cup of herbal tea. Breakfast at the weekend - a separate ritual - lazy, long, beautiful.

    How do you spend time on the way to / from work?
    If I'm traveling by car, I listen to music and sing along or speak on the phone. If on the subway - I read the Facebook feed, books or look at people around.

    What advice have you ever been given you can pass on to others?
    The golden rule is to treat others the way you want to be treated.

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