Useful Digital Ninja Skills You Can Learn Online

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A modern specialist working in the field of digital, must understand not only the Internet space and technologies, but also have knowledge in the field of management, systems thinking, copywriting, marketing and much more. Fortunately, today you can learn all this for free and without leaving home. How? This review is to help you!

Project management The

basics of project management
Thinking model
Scenario forecasting
Project management: the basics of success


Digital journalism
Create your own journal
Innovative journalism
Journalism and media literacy


Professional communications in IT
PR and GR in business
Introduction to marketing


Winner of business crises
Innovation for business or business for innovation
How to make money on a blog
How to properly manage your page on social networks

Personal qualities

Scientific method of Sherlock Holmes: observe, argue, evaluate
Internet reputation management
Leadership and team building
Introduction to oratory

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Which of the skills would you like to pump?

  • 34.1% Project Management 14
  • 12.1% Time Management 5
  • 21.9% Sales 9
  • 12.1% Negotiation 5
  • 9.7% Oratory 4
  • 9.7% Other 4

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