Career, commerce and project / task management in questions and answers on "Toaster"


    Especially for readers of Megamind, our editors decided to collect and summarize in one place the most interesting questions on the entire spectrum of topics that relate to our resource for the last calendar month (June).

    It turned out a lot of them, as well as answers to the most pressing and relevant questions asked and resolved by users of the community.

    So, do you want to know what they are asking at “Toaster” and how they answer questions in the subjects of business, career and project management?

    Section "E-Commerce"

    Interesting questions:
    - “How and where to look for suppliers working on direct deliveries (dropshipping)?” , 2 answers marked with a solution.
    - “Individual entrepreneurs, how do you work with oDesk (upwork)?” , 2 decisions.
    - “Payoneer and purchases in offline stores - what commission will be and at what rate the calculation?” , 3 decisions.
    - "Is it possible, in terms of copyright, the creation of" copies "of existing products?" , One solution.
    - “How much can you earn on shareware-programs?” , One solution.
    - “Contextual advertising on commercial sites and SEO?” , One solution.
    -“Should I declare the funds donated to me through payment systems?” , 3 decisions.

    Section "Finance"

    Interesting questions:
    - “The remote employer requires an IP, why is this needed?” , 8 decisions and discussion.
    - “Is it possible to earn money on iron 24/7?” , 1 decision.
    - “What type of STS to choose?” , 1 decision.
    - “Data type for money in JavaScript and nodejs?” , 1 solution.

    Section "Jurisprudence"

    Interesting questions:
    - “How legal is it in the Czech Republic to download torrents?” , 2 decisions.
    - “Does anyone have a sample offer contract for the services of a web developer?” , There is a solution.
    - "How to test their own websites for vulnerabilities and do not break the law? What licenses are needed for the pentest? ” , 4 solutions.
    - “They did not pay for the worked month. What to do? ” , 8 solutions and discussion of problems.
    - “Is it possible in France, as we have, to conclude an agreement with an individual (from Russia) to develop the site?” , 2 decisions.
    - “Will they be taken into the army from Japan?” , 1 decision.

    Section "Copyright"

    Interesting questions:
    - “Does copyright infringement on the use of Microsoft Excel icons on the site, laptop model photo?” , 1 solution.
    - "Do I understand the work of the GPL?" , 1 decision.
    - "What is the legal status of the Apple Macintosh System 5 and earlier?" , 1 decision.

    Section "Internet Advertising"

    Interesting questions:
    - “Which advertiser to choose for their game on iOS?” , 1 solution.
    - “What is the ideal banner rotation algorithm?”, 1 solution.
    - “Is it possible to ruin a competitor by winding him clicks on a link to Yandex Direct?” , 8 answers, there is no solution.
    - “Is it possible to look at site statistics if there are no counters on it?” , 2 decisions.
    - “How to make the new site become self-sustaining the fastest?” , 6 answers, there is no solution.

    Google Analytics Section

    Interesting questions:
    - “Different data from Analytics and Metrics - who to trust?” , 1 solution.
    - “How to organize the transfer of metrics to the customer?” , 1 decision.

    Section "CRM"

    Interesting questions:
    - “The most convenient CRM for a window (construction) company?” , 7 answers.
    “Which CRM to choose for a dance school?” , 1 decision.
    - “What chat would you recommend for CRM?” , 4 responses.

    Section "Internet"

    Interesting questions:
    - “Backend - what is necessary and what is not?” , 3 decisions.
    - “JS mailing list virus?” , 1 solution.
    - “How can I organize the forwarding of all Internet traffic from one PC to another?” , 7 responses.
    - “Where do the Internet providers located at the top of the food chain get from?” , 2 solutions.
    - “How do you analyze which libraries / tools were used during development?” , 2 solutions.
    - “How to roughly describe the composition of the team for developing an Internet project?” , 9 responses.
    - “How to determine who replaces the DNS?” , 1 decision.
    -“How to determine whether a public network?” , 5 decisions.
    - “Can a search robot index a resource that wasn’t indicated anywhere?” , 1 decision.
    - “What could be the problem with the router?” , 4 solutions.
    - “What threatens a large number of folders?” , 2 decisions.
    - “Can php send information in parts?” , 1 solution.
    - “How to improve skills in programming?” , 8 answers.
    - “How to distribute the Internet from one router to another via wi-fi?” , 1 solution.
    “DDoS and the Internet of things - how urgent is the threat of DDoS attacks on household appliances and how to protect yourself from this?”, 2 solutions.

    Section "Startups"

    Interesting questions:
    - “A service for storing screenshots with important information?” , 3 solutions.
    - “What literature / resources would you recommend for those who decided to open an IT company in Russia?” , 10 answers.
    - “How do Russian projects enter the foreign market?” , 7 responses.
    - “Is there a book for a beginner that shows the development of a real project?” , 2 decisions.
    - “What attracts a programmer in a startup?” , 11 answers.
    - “If I tell about my idea to a potential investor, will it not be stolen?” , 5 responses.
    - “Startup - which platform to start from?” , 7 answers.
    - “Where can I find a developer in the team?” , 9 answers.

    Project Management Section

    Interesting questions:
    - “How to properly plan the work of designers?” , 2 solutions.
    - “How do you set deadlines for a project?” , 4 responses.
    - “How to interconnect tasks in different Redmine projects?” , 1 solution.
    - “What kind of literature, examples, templates for compiling estimates of a startup project?” , 1 decision.
    - “How to solve the problems of critical bugs on the project?” , 1 solution.

    Section "Services"

    Interesting questions:
    - “Do you know a service that would send fresh articles to the mail upon request from several sites?” , 1 solution.
    - “How to automatically accept payments on the site without documents?” , 5 responses.
    - “How to find a dedicated server in the Russian Federation in a certified tier 3 data center?” , 1 solution.
    - “Service for custom offers and votes?” , 1 decision.

    Section "Analytics"

    Interesting questions:
    - “Are there web services for determining the application in the tops of Google Play?” , 1 solution.
    - “How much can you trust Alexa statistics?” , 2 decisions.
    - “The most popular password hashing algorithm?” , 4 responses.

    Section "Career"

    Interesting questions:
    - “Employers - how do you calculate the terms? And what do you do if you don’t have time? ” , 1 decision.
    - “Who scored on programming? Where to bring down from it? ” , 30 responses.
    - “How to deal with fatigue after work?” , 3 decisions.
    - “Career programmer after 30+. Myth or reality? ” , 25 responses.
    - "What to study a specialist in information security" , 10 responses.
    - “Freelance android developer without experience, SMS and registration?” , 3 solutions.
    - “Is the move to St. Petersburg justified in the current realities?” , 13 responses.
    -“How to write a resume to the system administrator or what I wrote wrong?” , 11 responses.
    - “Is it worth trying to work remotely without decent experience?” , 1 decision.
    “How do programmers evaluate the cost of their work?” , 1 decision.
    - “What is the best choice for quick study (1-2 months)?” , 1 decision.
    - “Where to go gamedev to start receiving money?” , 1 decision.
    “Will they take for an internship in Moscow if the diploma is not in a specialty related to IT?” , 1 decision.
    - “How to justify the required level of salary?” , 13 responses.
    -“Why send a resume to several companies at once?” , 1 decision.

    Section "Business"

    Interesting questions:
    - “How to increase start-up capital?” , 4 answers.
    - “Where to get the first customers?” , 10 responses.
    - “Is it relevant to make money on themeforest in 2015 and how to do it right?” , 1 decision.
    - “How to save time on food?” , 7 decisions.
    - “Where to sell a finished design project?” , 4 responses.
    - “Who uses business mail from” , 1 decision.

    Section "Marketing"

    Interesting questions:
    - “Who should write texts for the site?” , 3 decisions.
    - “How to promote a youth online store?” , 1 decision.
    - “Should I do a Landing Page on WP?” , 6 responses.
    - “Where to go to the online store?” , 5 responses.
    - “What is the mathematics of a gift marketing company with game mechanics?” , 1 decision.

    Section "Task Management"

    Interesting questions:
    - “We need an online google tasks manager with joint flexible user access to tasks. Is there such a thing? ” , 3 answers.
    - “Is there a full application development cycle program?” , 3 responses.

    Section "Organization of work"

    Interesting questions:
    - “How to develop in the heat without air conditioning and not go crazy?” , 6 solutions.
    - “How to reduce website development time?” , 5 responses.
    - “How to take payment from a client?” , 1 decision.
    - Is it harmful or productive to live according to a schedule from a scientific point of view?” , 4 decisions.
    - “Is it possible to work as a programmer, but not to estimate the terms?” , 18 answers.
    - “Organization of work between a web designer and a front-end developer, suggestions?” , 1 decision.
    - “Pros and cons of development: freelancer vs company?” , 1 decision.

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