Interesting weekend events

    As always on Monday, a short selection of what you might have missed over the weekend.

    Tribute to Konstantin Kalinov, who became the star of the Runet this week.

    Avito will compete for a share in the contextual advertising market .

    Government services expand the list of services provided and reduce duties .

    FAS does not want to engage in a rivalry between taxi drivers and Internet services such as Uber and Yandex.Taxi.

    Yandex.Money is becoming a universal payment system .

    How not to get lost in space ?

    Ultrasonic three-dimensional fingerprint scanner .

    Progress successfully docked to the ISSon board cargo for astronauts.

    Security officials who stole bitcoins during an investigation against Ross Ulbrecht pleaded guilty .

    Tensor algebra : dynamics of a point in tensor exposition.

    OpenCL - how to start ?

    Remote injection Wi-Fi frames.

    Seven amazing Javascript features .

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