Display Advertising Costs Exceed Contextual Expenses in 2015

    Analysts at ZenithOptimedia believe that already this year, display advertising will bypass contextual sales. In the future, the cost of display advertising will only increase, according to the publication "Zuckerberg will call." By the end of this year, advertisers can spend about $ 66.2 billion on display advertising, while contextual advertising costs will be $ 62.5 billion.

    The term "display advertising" ZenithOptimedia uses to describe banner advertising, online video and advertising in social networks. Experts believe that advertisers in this area are attracted by both interactivity and the ability to target display advertising to a given audience.

    Also, ZenithOptimedia analysts make a forecast for the growth of display advertising in the future: 17% per year until 2017. Most likely, this growth will be due to the active dynamics of video advertising, the forecast for which is plus 29% per year. This category will increase due to the sale of hybrid packages “advertising on TV + commercials on the network” by various television companies, as well as an increase in the consumption of video content via mobile devices.

    As for advertising on social networks, this variety will show an increase of 25% per year due to the fact that users are gradually switching to mobile devices. Contextual advertising will increase by 12% per year over the next few years. As for the general market for online advertising, up to 2017, here experts give a growth forecast of 15% per year.

    About $ 53.9 billion was spent on display advertising last year, and $ 55.9 billion was spent on contextual advertising.

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