Anti-MBA fashion begins in the world

    In an interview in 2013, Elon Musk said that he hires people not because of their MBA, but because of their presence: “MBA courses are taught not at all. They do not teach people to think. Moreover, the more prestigious the courses, the worse. Because people are taught there to think that they are special, after which they become unable to perceive feedback and impartially analyze their own mistakes. ” Dissatisfaction with business schools has grown since the 2008 crisis, when graduates of MBA schools were accused of undermining the economy.

    Dissatisfaction with business schools led to the creation of anti-MBA courses, according to Vedomosti . The use of abbreviations in the title attracts customers.

    RZZTT CEO Ivan Kochetkov created the online course Badass AntiMBA School, where the emphasis is not on theory, but on simple things that are often forgotten in everyday life. The course is attended by 20,000 subscribers, and its price is only 490 rubles per month.

    The general director of the Synergy business school, Grigory Avetov, is about to launch his anti-MBA program: in his opinion, entrepreneurs need specific knowledge, not academic disciplines, and special knowledge is needed on the Russian market - Anglo-Saxon textbooks will not help in this country. Avetov’s annual program will cost 600,000 rubles.

    Dmitry Repin, CEO of Digital October, created a laboratory of new professions with two short programs for training in the processing of big data in computer networks and the Producer of Online Courses.

    After the crisis in 2008, sets in 748 business schools around the world fell until 2013. In 2014, 65% of two-year programs began to increase the number of applicants. In 2009, the number of MBA students in Russia halved. Foamline HR Director Yulia Sadykova explains this by the fact that the employees realized that employers do not want to pay extra for an MBA and value experience first of all.

    Over the next ten years, half of the schools with MBA programs will remain out of work, says Rich Lions, Dean of the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley. There are 10,000 business schools in the world today, and online courses are a threat to them.
    The golden age of business education came in 1950–2000, when an MBA was considered almost a must for a good career. But now it's in the past. Even McKinsey willingly works with people without a doctorate or other degree, and teaches them everything herself. And if you come to an investment bank, they will tell you that it is completely optional to get an MBA in order to become a managing director. Nitin Noria, Dean of Harvard Business School.

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