Group combines Mail.Ru Agent and ICQ

    Photo: E. Razumny / Vedomosti Group plans to merge both of its messengers, leaving them to work under the ICQ brand. The reason is the high competitiveness of the messenger market, and the lack of sense in spending money on promoting similar products.

    Madina Tayupova, representative of Group, claims that the process of combining instant messengers has been going on for a long time, while users of both platforms can interact with each other, for example, add each other to friends, exchange messages, files and stickers.

    It is worth noting that the Group company launched the technical process of combining messengers in 2011, exactly one year after the acquisition of ICQ. At the same time, the company announced the Agent as the main platform. Now the strategy for promoting instant messengers has changed: the company plans to develop both platforms as a single product.

    Now it is not known when the merger process will be completed, and ICQ will become a single brand for both platforms. In this case, there will be no forced transfer from one messenger to another. Agent itself has been developed by the company since 2003.

    ICQ messenger was purchased from the American company AOL for $ 187.5 million in 2010. In May 2015, according to Group, the ICQ subscriber base is 11 million users per month. The "Agent" - 18.8 million per month users.

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    • 23.6% ICQ 261
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    • 3.9% Both 44
    • 69% None 761

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