Crowdinvesting brings too little?

    When analyzing the work of several hundred companies that attracted investments using such a popular tool as crowdinvesting, it turns out that in this case, companies sell much less shares than in the case of other financing tools, Vedomosti writes . According to Beauhurst, two of the three companies that raised up to £ 500,000 through crowdfunding sold no more than 20% of their own shares to investors. At the same time, startups give 44% of their own shares to private equity funds for about the same amount of investments, and 28% to business angels.

    Private investors, as follows from the results of the study, quite often can become a victim of overvaluation of business value. At the same time, small projects that have collected less than 100 thousand pounds can be excluded, but the picture will remain the same.

    “This is consistent with the anecdotal situation we were told about: crowdfunding platforms attract companies in part because you can dictate your own business assessment. Direct investors agree to get fewer shares for the same money than business angels or venture capitalists, so companies lose a smaller stake and are less controlled by investors, ”Beauhurst commented on the situation.

    Now crowdinvesting is developing quite quickly. Last year alone, about 84 million euros were invested in small business. But many participants in the investment process are concerned about the overestimation of some projects. In this case, the investor does not receive returns, even if the investment makes a profit. In order to tell potential investors about difficult issues in the initial stage of investment, the crowdfunding resource SyndicateRoom opened the Investor Academy at the end of last month. Here, together with the law firm Taylor Wessing, the site talks about the process of evaluating companies. The preemptive right is also described. “Investors have a huge shortage of information. We want to help them make an informed decision. Including refuse if the project does not suit them, "

    According to Vasconcelos, investors who invest in various companies, not understanding the principles of investing, risk losing all their money.

    Now crowdinvesting is at a crossroads - this type of financing can both occupy a solid market share and become simply exotic.

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