Popular content project BuzzFeed decided to go public IPO

    At the Code Conference , BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti said he plans to go public. Talk about this has been going on since last year. The first to mention this was company president Greg Coleman. But then the very possibility of an exit was considered and a fundamental decision was not made.

    Over the past few years, BuzzFeed has become a very popular platform, moving from simple aggregation of content and list articles to a combination of several formats, including video content. The management of the resource managed to organize a harmonious coexistence of business content with entertainment and even political. The media company successfully produces video content. Her YouTube channels total about one billion views per month.

    “We are very focused on international development; we are trying to cover different platforms; and we are very focused on the further development of our video business, ”said the head of BuzzFeed.

    However, the combination of several areas of the company’s work has repeatedly criticized the ambiguous business model, reports The Guardian.

    Despite criticism, Andressen Horowitz invested $ 50 million in BuzzFeed last August . This was the fifth round of financing in the history of the company. Then her valuation reached $ 850 million. Now the company is estimated at $ 1.5-2 billion. Information about profits has not yet been disclosed.

    Last year, The Walt Disney was considering acquiringmedia companies. Probably, the parties failed to come to an agreement on the issue of price - the BuzzFeed management requested more than a billion dollars.

    Each month, the resource is visited by about 200 million users. BuzzFeed can rightly be called one of the most successful content projects. The company's annual revenue for 2014 was to be $ 120 million. This amount was called by Bloomberg experts. BuzzFeed will soon reach thousands of employees.

    The management of the media company basically does not cooperate with advertisers. There is no advertising on the site, including banner ads. The exception is native advertising. It naturally fits into the format of the publication and is a sponsorship publication.

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