Weekend Reading: Audio Tuning and Speaker Design Materials

    This is the digest of our “ Hi-Fi World ”. He tells the theory and practice of creating audio systems. From the materials you will learn how to organize the speaker system at home (or even outside), how to choose headphones or an audio player, and what the “PC music fan” is.

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    How to create an audio system at home

    • Myths and Reality: What you need to know about modern audio systems . In this article we answered common questions. You will learn how professional audio equipment differs from “amateur” and why intra-channel headphones do not harm ears. Also tell about the street audio systems that will work in any weather - and in the rain and frost.

    • Five tips: how to organize a street audio system . Audio system for the street to design more difficult than for the house. Due to the lack of walls, the bass sounds weaker, quiet music is easily drowned out by street noise. This is a translation of material with tips that will help organize an audio system outside the house. This is the law of inverse squares, explaining the spread of sound in the street, and the speakers most suitable for street audio systems.

    • How to arrange the speakers in the room . The first step to creating a home audio system is to figure out how to place the speakers and subwoofers in the room. We explain how to calculate the location of the speakers using an acoustic calculator and how to prepare the room for the placement of the audio system.

    • How are the columns inside: the types of acoustic design . In the article we will describe how the internal structure of the speaker case, the acoustic design of the speaker, affects its sound. In addition, consider the advantages and disadvantages of different types of buildings.

    • How to adjust the acoustics of the room . In this article we told you how to change the acoustic properties of the room. You will learn more about sound-absorbing materials, acoustic traps and interior items that will help get rid of errors in the sound of the audio system.

    How to choose audio devices

    • How to choose headphones . We tell how to make the right choice and protect yourself from buying counterfeit goods. Consider the entire acquisition process: from determining the budget to the beginning of use.

    • 10 tips when buying a portable audio player . Smartphones help to perform many tasks, but the ability to listen to music in high resolution is not available on every device. The exit for music lovers can be buying a portable audio player, tips on choosing which you will find in this article.

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    • What wireless technology is right for you? Although wireless speakers are most commonly associated with Bluetooth, there are competing standards for wireless data transmission. In this article, we understand what other wireless technologies underlie audio systems, and what are the pros and cons of each of them. We will talk about protocols that work with both mobile devices and personal computers.

    How to set up audio equipment

    • How to set up a vinyl player . The sound of a vinyl record depends on how accurately the needle of the player conveys the relief of the track. Just buy a good model is not enough - an improperly installed player will distort the sound. In the article we talk about the stages of tuning turntables and the main components of "turntables".

    • How to get the best sound from a CD player . Although setting up a CD player doesn’t have such a significant effect on sound as the proper installation of a vinyl “turntable”, a few simple steps will help make the sound of CDs “cleaner”. In the article we have collected “tricks”, due to which the sound distortion when playing a disc will be less.

    • Bluetooth audio: wireless sound characteristics . Many Bluetooth devices use a standard SBC codec to compress the audio stream, which can affect the sound of the material. We will talk about the different ways of transmitting Bluetooth audio and advise devices that support improved codecs.

    • What is a balanced headphone connection and why it is needed . With the help of a balanced connection of headphones to the amplifier, music lovers increase the volume and detail of the sound. And you can make balanced and “ordinary” headphones - just connect a special cable to them. We describe how the balanced connection works and understand the principles of connecting headphones to the amplifier.

    How to listen to music from a computer

    • Only music. Making the PC system unit quiet . In this article we will tell you more about silent computer components that do not interfere with listening to music from a computer. Let's talk about the main sources of noise in the PC, soundproofing of the case, silent cooling of the processor and the choice of data storage for your music collection.

    • We build a computer desk music lover . The sound of any speakers will be distorted if the speaker system is on a tabletop of insufficiently dense material - in this case the table acts as a resonator. "Computer desk music lover" can be bought in the store, but it will be cheaper to make it with your own hands. From the article you will learn from what and how to build a table under the computer and speakers.

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    • How to digitize vinyl . Digitizing analog media such as vinyl records is a great way to replenish your digital media library. In this article we will tell you what kind of hardware and software you need to digitize vinyl, how to check the player before recording and in what format to save the files.

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