Enter IT: Junior 2 Senior

    Hey. My name is Ivan Kryuchkov. I’ll briefly describe how I got into DataArt and how it all turned out.

    I passed the interview the third time. The first one didn’t pass because of bad English, I went to English courses on the same day, six months later I tried the second time, only the iOS trainee vacancy was available, it was exceptional voluntarism, because I knew nothing about iOS and didn’t see it in my eyes , not that the code wrote. Accordingly, a technical interview did not pass.

    The third time I decided to try another six months later. I prepared thoroughly, read Jeffrey Richter for the third time, tried to write a web application using the latest front-end technologies (then it was backbone.js). I still really didn’t want English to be checked by phone, because the pronunciation leaves much to be desired, and so are the problems with the quality of our cellular communications.

    The most interesting thing is that they didn’t ask me anything about .NET at the interview, although they asked about everything: about typesetting, about SQL, they talked about JS ...

    So finally I became a trainee.


    I must say right away that at this moment I had two years of development experience, an irrelevant position in DataArt, but still experience. Therefore, from the very beginning, I realized that no one would bother with me, no one would tell me for a long time how to do it, they simply would not immediately give complex tasks and would not ask for them in all severity. The practice was in line with expectations and I really liked it.

    In fact, it was a very interesting time for internship projects, since you almost belong to yourself, you have no restrictions imposed by paid projects (deadlines, technologies, other developers and their opinions). Although I was very lucky with a mentor who did not push me. Thank you very much for that.

    I can’t say anything terrible about the review once a month, I wasn’t particularly tormented by them, and there was always something to tell. This has never been reminiscent of an exam, but rather a progress report.

    Three months later, at the end of the practice, I became a junior and got into the first paid project.

    First project

    With the first project, I think I was very lucky. We had a very friendly team (out of work - joint trips to the river, etc.), the project started from scratch, there was a lot of work, the technologies were new, a good development process. In the beginning it was difficult, but interesting, because all the time I had to solve problems that I had not encountered before. The pace of professional growth was crazy, I have never absorbed so much knowledge in such a short time and have not acquired so many skills. It was the best period in DataArt, probably, I was never so pleased with the work. Six months later, on this project, I became a middle.


    I worked in DataArt for two years. During this time - I calculated - he worked in seven projects. Probably, I decided that it was time to become a signor, after about six months working in the same helmet on the project, doing the whole range of tasks (I didn’t start the bugs myself), I worked almost directly with the customer (I just didn’t invoice). In this situation, all the fails are yours because you are responsible for everything. Therefore, responsibility and self-discipline are growing very well. And these are more important qualities of a developer than knowledge of technologies or patterns.

    DataArt is the best company I have ever worked in and interviewed. At the interview you are treated immediately as a specialist, although you do not know anything. Then - an excellent internship program, introducing into the working rhythm and processes of an unprepared person. Always a good attitude towards colleagues, which is also very important.

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