The Ministry of Communications is concerned about anonymous Internet in network cafes

    Nikolai Nikiforov noted that some fast food chains provide Internet access without identification, which became mandatory in 2014. The Ministry of Communications plans to introduce administrative responsibility for this violation.


    The amendments to the Federal Law “On Communications” adopted in 2014 expanded the ability to identify subscribers, including users of public Wi-Fi networks. The operator can use not only a passport for identification, but also a mobile phone number or the Unified Identification and Authentication System (ECIA).

    Despite this, not all public Wi-Fi network access points comply with the law. Nikolay NikiforovHe noted that visitors to the largest fast-food cafe chain in Russia still use the Internet without registration. TASS, citing a source who was present at the commission, writes that it was about McDonalds.

    Wi-Fi in the metro, according to the minister, is an example of successful work in identifying users - 4.5 million people are registered in the database, and the growth in the number of users after the introduction of mandatory registration has not decreased.

    According to RBC , the Ministry of Communications is proposing to introduce a fine for anonymous networks.

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