co-founder Vasily Voropaev created a turnkey freelance service

    One of the founders of the service ( ) Vasily Voropaev announced the launch of his own freelance service Rubrain . Two years ago, he sold his stake in and retired from the company.

    The main difference of the new service is that the customer is now freed from all the hardships of working with freelancers. Instead, a service manager will communicate with them. He is obliged to monitor the progress of work and report on it to the customer.

    More information about Rubrain and the prerequisites for its occurrence Voropaev wrote on his Facebook page:
    Two years have passed since I sold to The contract of non-competition ended.
    What happened during this time in the freelance market? 50 dollar; Russians win programming contests again; but in the Russian freelance market ... nothing has been done.

    Well, if that is the case, we thought, then we should work again.

    What we did -
    1. We collect with our hands the best of the best in Runet;
    2. Settled all marketing in the USA (yes, yes, in the hero city of Seattle);
    3. We take "turnkey" work with freelancers. The customer only works (!) With the personal manager of;
    3. All transactions are 100% legal - no gray and black schemes;
    4. Well and guarantees. We want and will take all responsibility.

    Following Vasily Voropaev in 2013, left the service station Dmitry Grigoryev and the director of the customer service department Irina Kotova. They are also working on Voropaev’s new project, reports Marketing at Rubrain is handled by Natalya Sakhnova, a former marketing director for SeoPult and Megaplan .

    In addition, former top managers are co-owners of service . This spring , Voropaev himself invested in it .

    In February 2013, Vasily Voropaev leftas CEO, selling his 30% stake. His departure was accompanied by disputes over the need to work through the “Risk-Free Transaction”. Voropaev’s proposal implied that all freelancers must use this option without fail and make the appropriate payment.

    “Our opinions on the development of the project were divided with other shareholders, and a joint decision was made about my departure from the leadership,” Voropaev explained.

    Today 80% of is owned by Vitaly Martyanov (deputy general director of Masterklon company ) and Artem Bektemirov (general director of Pharmacy Chain 36.6 OJSC ). The rest belongs to co-founder Anton Mazhirin.

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