Useful Resources for Finding Internships in France

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Today I would like to discuss with you not so much training as the opportunity to take an internship abroad and earn extra money for studying abroad. In this article, I have gathered for your review the best resources for finding internships in France, and I will be very grateful for the distribution of this article. This is very easy to do using the social media icons at the end of the article.

Unfortunately, for students who speak only English, it will be difficult to find an internship for themselves, and I, in turn, will not be able to tell what and how, since my second language is Italian. And so, a list of resources for finding internships in France:

The first option for finding internships is offered by the French magazine about training L'Étudiant.

L'Étudiant is a French monthly magazine that specializes in education information.
Link to search for internships:

The next on the list is the site iQuesta, which positions itself as one of the leading portals for finding jobs, internships for university graduates in France.

iQuesta is a bulletin board specializing in internships to find jobs for young university graduates; in the market for almost 15 years. Link to search for internships:

One of the possible options for you, dear readers, may be a little-known portal for searching for internships in France - Direct Etudiant.

Direct Etudiant - is not a leader in the sector of graduates and students, but the company has a lot of experience, due to a long stay in the market. In narrow circles, this is a fairly well-known portal, with a slightly outdated interface, but working functionality.
Link to search for internships:

For those who want more independence in choosing an internship in France, Studyrama is for you.

Studyrama Group is an independent media group founded in 1989 that specializes in student life and career success. Includes journals and scientific publications, websites and event management related to key topics of the group throughout France. Link to search for internship:

For everyone who wants to have a closer business relationship and has a legal education, the Village de la Justice portal is the best fit.

Village de la Justice - is one of the oldest public legal sites in France, created in 1997. Following the example of the village, this site connects the "residents" of all professions (lawyers, lawyers, notaries, staff, judges, law students, service providers ...).

The forum is a key component of the portal, but among other things, the site has a “Work and Internship” section where law students can find employment or practice for themselves. Internship Search Link:

Finally, good luck for students who speak English. (and gives you the opportunity not only to look for work and internships in English, but also to look for it not only in France.

The website is a portal that publishes information about job opportunities from the famous newspaper The Wallstreetjournal. The site was launched in July 2009 by Dow Jones & Company, and serves as a career site and center for job boards. generally focuses on such specialties as marketing, information technology, finance, accounting, sales, IT technology, etc. Link to search for internships and work:

Another breath of fresh air for students who speak English, and again, a huge database and offers, not only in France but also in other countries of the world.

Thanks to All - Acad, you have the opportunity to search among 3,000 grants in the field of science, research and the industrial sector worldwide at leading universities, colleges, schools, research institutes and companies.

In such areas as mathematics, statistics, banking, finance, economics, econometrics, risk management, underwriting, statistics, medicine, biology, bioinformatics, genetics, marketing, big data mining, neurology, scientific computing, numerical analysis, high-performance computing, Robotics, pure mathematics, logic, algebra, number theory, analysis, geometry, topology, mathematics, education, mathematical physics, teaching, control science and much, much more.

Link to search for internships and employment:

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